RS has 83 points suitable for bathing and eight unsuitable

RS has 83 points suitable for bathing and eight unsuitable
RS has 83 points suitable for bathing and eight unsuitable

Trapiche, in Laranjal, appears on the unsuitable list since the first bulletin, and has been showing high coliform values

The State Foundation for Environmental Protection (Fepam) released, this Friday (2/2), the eighth bulletin of the Bathing project for the 2023/2024 season. Of the 91 points analyzed in the State, 83 are suitable for bathing and eight are in an unsuitable condition. Are they:

  • Barra do Ribeiro – Recanto das Mulatas Beach – Guaíba Lake
  • Candelaria – Carlos Larger Spa – Rio Pardo
  • Dom Pedrito – Passo Real Beach – Santa Maria River
  • Pellets – Valverde – Trapiche
  • Pellets – Valverde – Av. Sen. Joaquim A. de Assunção
  • Santa Vitória do Palmar – Barra do Chuí
  • Santa Vitória do Palmar – Balneário do Porto – Lagoa Mirim
  • Torres – Praia da Cal – Av. Independência

One point in Xangri-lá (Rainha do Mar) and two points in the city of Imbé (Mariluz and Santa Terezinha), on the North Coast, returned to their proper condition this week.

Praia da Cal, in Torres, the only one that remains unsuitable in the region, recorded low levels of the bacteria Escherichia coli in the last two weeks. If this continues, it will be swimmable again from the next bulletin.

At Valverde – Trapiche, in Pelotas, a point that appears on the list of unsuitables since the first bulletin, published on December 15th, has been showing high values ​​and, therefore, has no prospect of changing the classification in February (more information on how the analysis works are below).

Diving in these places poses health risks. The recommendation is that bathers avoid inappropriate spots and surroundings, especially near the waters that reach the beaches via tubing, streams or rivers. The warning applies mainly to children, the elderly and people with low immunity. The most common symptoms after bathing in contaminated areas are diarrhea, abdominal pain and nausea.


Water quality monitoring is carried out weekly, and bulletins are published every Friday on the Fepam website, social media and on Bathing web application.

Warnings regarding suitable or unsuitable places for bathing must also be prominently displayed on information signs fixed at water collection points. Installing the signs and updating the week’s results (proper or inappropriate) is the responsibility of the city halls, as this is a public health issue.


To identify whether the bathing conditions in a given location are adequate, two indicators are analyzed:

Escherichia colialso called E.coli, a bacterium whose presence in abundance in water indicates contamination by feces;

Cyanobacteria, or blue algae, which can occur in any surface water source.

The parameters used are set out in Conama resolutions 274/2000 and 357/2005. Cyanobacteria are only analyzed in the resorts of Osório (Lagoa Peixoto), Pelotas and Tapes.

The result is subject to five weeks of monitoring. If, throughout this period, two or more samples from the set present a result greater than 800 for E.coli or, even, if the most recent sample of the five evaluated presents a result greater than 2,000 for E.coli, the point will be classified as inappropriate . The same occurs if the cyanobacteria count exceeds 50 thousand cells.


Salt water collections on the North Coast and respective analyzes are carried out by Fepam, through the Sema-Fepam North Coast Regional Management (Gerlit) and the Laboratories Division (Dilab). The project is coordinated by the Department of Environmental Quality (DQA). The other points are monitored with support from Companhia Riograndense de Saneamento (Corsan) and the Pelotas Autonomous Sanitation Service (Sanep).

Recommendations for bathers:

  • Only enter the water in a place suitable for swimming.
  • Avoid bathing in the first 24 hours after heavy rain, in stream outlets or rivers that flow onto beaches, as the water may be contaminated by domestic sewage.
  • Do not bathe in places with a concentration of algae, as they may contain toxins that are harmful to your health.

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