Flordelis’ son-in-law is in prison for threatening his lawyer | Rio de Janeiro

Flordelis’ son-in-law is in prison for threatening his lawyer | Rio de Janeiro
Flordelis’ son-in-law is in prison for threatening his lawyer | Rio de Janeiro
PM seized a knife and scissors from the former deputy’s son-in-lawreproduction

Published 02/02/2024 22:35 | Updated 02/02/2024 22:42

Rio – The son-in-law of former deputy Flordelis, Elias de Souza Azevedo, had his arrest maintained by the Rio Courts for threatening the lawyer of Anderson do Carmo’s family, murdered in July 2019. In the decision, the head judge Rafael de Almeida Rezende highlighted the fact that Elias resisted arrest and tried to hit military police officers with scissors.

In a custody hearing held this Friday (2), Elias’s arrest was converted into preventative arrest. At trial, the accused defended himself by arguing that he was attacked by the agents and thrown to the ground. He was found with a knife and scissors.

The judge also highlighted that Elias was found by the police in front of the lawyer’s residence, carrying sharp weapons, in order to chase and frighten him.

On Wednesday night (31), Elias was captured by the PM after threatening, for the second time, the assistant prosecutor in the Flordelis case, Ângelo Máximo Macedo da Conceição.

The lawyer explained that his wife had gone for a walk on the beach with her dog and daughter when they came across Elias at the door of the building. “Unprecedentedly, she called me and I dropped what I was doing in Icaraí and went to my house. I walked around the block, but I didn’t find him. When I got home, I put my wife in the car and we went around again and we didn’t find him. . I decided to go to the waterfront and when I came back, I found Elias in front of my building. At the same time, I called 190 and told him the incident”, he explained.

The Military Police were called and reported that, when they arrived at the scene, the lawyer said he was being threatened with death. With Elias, the agents seized a knife and scissors. According to the PM, the two were taken to the 81st DP (Itaipu), where the incident was recorded. According to Ângelo Máximo, Elias reacted to the approach and tried to hit one of the police officers with the scissors.

Last week, the assistant prosecutor in the Flordelis Case registered a case of aggression against the former deputy’s son-in-law. At the time, he and his wife were leaving a supermarket in Piratininga, in Niterói, Metropolitan Region, when Flordelis’ family member approached and began to offend and threaten. During the confusion, the lawyer had his shirt torn and his cord broken. He also revealed that Elias said he would kill him and also delegate Bárbara Lomba, initially responsible for the investigation.

According to Ângelo, this is the ninth threat he has received and the third he has registered with the Civil Police. “On the 22nd, at the supermarket, he told me to leave Piratininga, saying that it was his stronghold and that he was going to find out where I live and kill me. Nine days later, yesterday, he was arrested at the door of my house”, highlighted the attorney.


The deputy was sentenced to 50 years in prison, in November 2022. In addition to her, her biological daughter, Simone dos Santos Rodrigues, was also sentenced. The pastor was sentenced for triple homicide – a base motive, use of cruel means and a resource that made it impossible to defend the victim -, attempted double homicide, use of a false document and armed criminal association in a closed regime. Simone received a sentence of 31 years, four months and 20 days in prison for triple homicide, attempted double homicide and armed criminal association.


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