MA deputy among those who spent the most on advertising


The use of public funds by federal deputies to publicize their own parliamentary activity broke a record in 2023.

In total, parliamentarians spent R$84.1 million for this purpose, which represents 38.3% of the total so-called Ceap (Quota for the Exercise of Parliamentary Activity).

Known as “fluff”, the amount finances or reimburses deputies for expenses that include office rent, fuel, food, airline tickets and accommodation, among others.

The percentage for disclosing the mandate is the highest in the entire history of cotão, whose current format was established in 2009.

Representative Gildenemir de Lima Sousa, known as Gil (PL-MA), is fourth in the ranking. He allocated R$423,000 to self-promotion.

For comparison purposes, the average among all parliamentarians was an expenditure of R$162 thousand throughout the year.

The money was used to hire an individual company to produce content for the mandate’s social networks, in addition to creating newsletters, banners and even advertising billboards.

The cotão distributes monthly amounts to each of the 513 deputies ranging from R$36,500 to R$49,500, depending on the state of origin.

The Chamber simply checks whether the notes presented relate to the expenses permitted by internal rules. There is no check whether the money was actually disbursed and whether the prices charged are compatible with market prices, for example.

In addition to the fluff, the deputies have other funds at their disposal, such as R$ 118 thousand per month to hire 5 to 25 advisors for Brasília and the state, and R$ 4,253 as housing allowance (for those who do not use the apartments functional in the federal capital). (With Folha)

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