UNE director says she will sue GOL for racism

UNE director says she will sue GOL for racism
UNE director says she will sue GOL for racism

Larissa Vulcão claims she was treated rudely by company employees at Brasília Airport

The director of UNE (National Union of Students), Larissa Vulcão, said she will sue the airline GOL for an alleged case of racism committed by employees at Brasília International Airport on Wednesday (31 January 2024). The information is from the newspaper The globe.

“We will take measures both in the civil area, to demand compensation for the damage caused, and in the criminal sphere, to investigate the commission of crimes and hold those who may have committed the crimes responsible”, stated Larissa’s lawyer.

The young woman reported that she had already gone through the security check and was in the boarding line when a GOL attendant stopped her saying that she was carrying “extra objects”. Larissa claims that she would have explained that the box she was carrying belonged to a friend who was taking the same flight.

The attendant would have asked “who’s your friend?” It is “Where do you know each other?” Larissa would have said she was a co-worker. Afterwards, she was instructed to return her belongings to her friend. The director would have questioned the attendant’s behavior, but she would have been answered rudely.

She says in the interview that, after returning the box to her colleague and returning to the line, a second attendant forced her to choose between her two bags for boarding and appeared impatient when questioned by her.

Larissa and her friends would have complained about the situation to those responsible who were there, but they would have been treated more rudely.

To the Power360GOL said in a statement that it regretted the episode and that “The customer service department has already tried to contact you to hear about what happened and so far has not received a response.”

Here is the full note from GOL:

“GOL deeply regrets the Customer’s feelings during the boarding of flight G3 2053, which departed from Brasília to Rio de Janeiro at 10:45 am this Wednesday, January 31, and informs that, with total priority, the customer service area The Customer has already tried to contact her to hear about what happened and so far has not received a response.

“Whenever one of our Customers feels poorly served, it deeply bothers all of us. We have an Ethics Committee that is already investigating the case internally with due seriousness. We also have an active Reporting Channel and we encourage Employees, Customers, third parties and investors to activate it at any time they see or suspect any unethical behavior.

“We have diversity and equity groups, including the Racial Equity Group (Cores & Elos), which includes employees representing various sectors of the company to be heard, developing actions and goals that guide the organization’s strategies in relation to the topic.

“By not condoning any form of racism, GOL, which has been a signatory to the Racial Pact since 2021, also joined the UN Global Compact in November 2023 and became an ambassador for the Race is Priority Movement, which is part of the Ambition Strategy 2030 of the UN Global Compact in Brazil.

“We reinforce that our number 1 priority, at this moment, is to listen to the Client to clarify what happened.”

The article is in Portuguese

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