‘Cry, call me’ block shakes up the center of Rio


The “Chora, Me Liga” block rocks the center of Rio, this Saturday (3), with a parade that is already considered the biggest in the country style not only in Rio de Janeiro, but in all of Brazil. The duo João Lucas and Matheus led the festivities, mixing the sound of the viola with the beats of carnival marches.

(Photo: Giovanna Caselatto/ Super Rádio Tupi)

The gathering began at around 7am, and brought together revelers on Rua Primeiro de Março, in front of the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB) with a final destination on Avenida Presidente Antônio Carlos, in the Central Region of the city.

The Super Rádio Tupi report follows the festivities and spoke with Janaina Lopes, who lives in Vila Isabel, in the North Zone of the capital of Rio de Janeiro. She spoke about her expectations for the event and what she thinks of this mix of country music and samba. “Carnival for me is that. You listen to everything, you dance to everything. It’s a time when you can take what you’re not used to listening to and bring it to the party. This mix that makes carnival magical. The city has this magical air,” she said.

Another reveler was Tais Gava. She lives in Espírito Santo and is in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival for the first time. The girl from Espírito Santo talked about the inspiration for the costume she is wearing. “For those who have been a fan of Xuxa since I was a child, I am practically a paquita. An apocalyptic paquita who came for the first time to enjoy the carnival in Rio”, said Taís.

The block is expected to end at 12pm. The best option for revelers who want to go to the block is to take the subway and get off at Carioca station.

Check out the photos and videos below:

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