PM Traffic Battalion increased the number of notifications on state highways by 29%


The Government of Mato Grosso completed the paving of 1,026 kilometers of roads in 2023. With this, the State Secretariat for Infrastructure and Logistics (Sinfra-MT) reached 3,531.34 km of new asphalt built since the beginning of the current administration in 2019 .

“It is a robust infrastructure program and I would say, without a doubt, that it is the largest among all Brazilian states today. It’s the ground that’s turning into asphalt,” said governor Mauro Mendes, during a panel on the subject in December.

In 2023, Mato Grosso completed the asphalt of 86.98 km of the MT-130, between Santiago do Norte and the Ronuro River, in Paranatinga. This means progress in this important logistical corridor to connect the South and North of the State.

“This asphalt brings benefits not only to Paranatinga, but to all surrounding municipalities, from Vale do Araguaia to Nortão”, highlighted the mayor of Paranatinga, Marquinhos do Dedé.

Another project awaited by the population and completed in 2023 was the 37.6 km of MT-240, connecting Santo Afonso to Tangará da Serra. This highway creates a new connection in the mid-north region, connecting several municipalities to the Tangará hub.

“Many former mayors fought for this MT-240, but none of this went ahead before Governor Mauro Mendes. He accepted our request and made our dream come true. We are happy with the result we are seeing”, said the mayor of Santo Afonso, Luis Fernando Falcão.

The works are in all regions. 16 km of MT-240 were completed in Água Boa. In the northern region, the Estradas do Barreiro were delivered and, in partnership with the city of Sinop, the municipal roads Nanci and Angela were paved.

The Secretary of Infrastructure, Marcelo de Oliveira, explains that in addition to the 3,531 km paved, there are another 1,393 km in progress and the objective is to reach 5,500 km of paved highways in Mato Grosso by 2026.

“It is important to invest in asphalt because all citizens have the right to travel on good quality highways, to travel with peace of mind. Good infrastructure changes reality and improves people’s lives, because roads are important for everyone”, stated the secretary.

Government that doesn’t stop

Among the works in progress that will be delivered this year are the MT-110 between Guiratinga and Alto Garças, which will be important for the development of the southeast region. One of the most anticipated is the MT-140, which will be one of the main logistics corridors in the State, connecting Campo Verde to Sorriso.

“We are talking about a moment of progress. We are a state and a region with a lot of production, but with few options for disposal. This Government work brings a new moment to the logistics of Mato Grosso, especially for our strong sector, which is agriculture”, highlighted the mayor of Nova Mutum, Leandro Félix.

Furthermore, the Government is moving forward with the asphalt of MT-170/208/418, the former BR-174. More than 80 km were completed in the first year of work and the four contracted lots are expected to be completed in 2024. The other two lots on the highway are open for bidding and will undergo work next year, putting an end to the quagmires that for years have been recorded by the press.

Source: MT – MT Government

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