IPTU 2024: 1st installment must be paid next Monday (5) | Sergipe

IPTU 2024: 1st installment must be paid next Monday (5) | Sergipe
IPTU 2024: 1st installment must be paid next Monday (5) | Sergipe

The payment schedule for Aracaju’s Urban Land Tax (IPTU) was released this Friday (2). The first installment is due next Monday, the 5th. The remaining installments must always be paid on the 5th of each month (or on the first subsequent business day, if the 5th is a weekend/holiday).

Aracaju City Hall warns that anyone who has chosen to pay IPTU in installments should pay attention to the due dates of the installments. According to the city hall, the number of installments is already pre-defined, taking into account the total tax value of each property.

Tax forms were gradually sent to taxpayers by post. In cases of non-receipt, the taxpayer can generate the document on the Taxpayer Portal at farm.aracaju.se.gov.br, accessing the “IPTU” services tab, and selecting “Carnê Issuance”.

This year, there was a 5% adjustment in the tax, following the Special Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA-E). Therefore, upon receiving the tax booklet, if the property owner understands that the value is above the market price, he can contest it, having a period of 90 days to request a review at the Municipal Finance Secretariat, or via the Tax Authority Portal. Taxpayer.

Check payment dates:

Single – 01/15/2024

1st Installment – 02/05/2024

2nd Installment – 03/05/2024

3rd Installment – 04/05/2024

4th Installment – 05/05/2024

5th Installment – 06/05/2024

6th Installment – 07/05/2024

7th Installment – 08/05/2024

8th Installment – 09/05/2024

9th Installment – 10/05/2024

10th Installment – 11/05/2024

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