Casagrande names Palmeiras and SPFC’s ‘ideal team’; see names

Casagrande names Palmeiras and SPFC’s ‘ideal team’; see names
Casagrande names Palmeiras and SPFC’s ‘ideal team’; see names

Home Soccer Casagrande names Palmeiras and SPFC’s ‘ideal team’; see the names

Commentator and former player put together the team lineup, with a big difference for one of the rivals who will compete in the Super Cup

Matheus Camargo
on 02/02/2024 4:21 pm ∙ Updated 56 seconds ago

Casagrande chooses ideal team for Palmeiras x São Paulo (César Greco / Agência Palmeiras)

Commentator Walter Casagrande Júnior put together, in his column on UOL Esporte, the line-up of the ‘ideal team’ of who the 11 starters would be if all the players from Palmeiras and São Paulo were brought together, who will compete on Sunday (4), at Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte, the decision of the Brazilian Super Cup.

Citing only players who will be available for the match that defines the title – apart from athletes like Endrick, for example – Casagrande selected seven players from Palmeiras and four players from Tricolor in São Paulo in his ‘ideal team’.

“I’m going to make a joke of choosing a selection from both teams: Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Arboleda, Gustavo Gómez, Piquerez; Pablo Maia, Zé Rafael, Raphael Veiga and Lucas; Calleri and Rony”, wrote Walter Casagrande, who also chose the commander of this team:

“The coach of this team would be Abel Ferreira.”

Casagrande also praised a São Paulo player who could be part of the team

The former Corinthians player – who also played for São Paulo in his career – said that midfielder Luiz Gustavo deserved an honorable mention.

The player hasn’t even established himself as a starter yet, but he played two games, against Portuguesa and Corinthians, and scored two goals for Tricolor.

“I give honorable mention to Luiz Gustavo who, despite playing well, only played two matches, while Pablo Maia has been playing well for a long time, which puts him in my ideal team”, concluded Casagrande about the ‘ideal team’ between rivals.

Palmeiras and São Paulo face each other next Sunday, at Mineirão, by decision of the CBF, which had other stadiums as an option to host the Brazilian Super Cup final. Verdão arrives at the match as champions of the Brasileirão Série A in 2023, while Tricolor arrives as the champion of last season’s Copa do Brasil.

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