Expiration of the second installment of IPVA 2024 begins on Monday

Expiration of the second installment of IPVA 2024 begins on Monday
Expiration of the second installment of IPVA 2024 begins on Monday

IPVA 2024 installments can be made in nine or ten installments, depending on the end of the vehicle’s license plate (Photo: Economy)

The second installment of the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA) 2024 begins this Monday (5/2), in Goiás. The calendar continues until February 21, depending on the end of the license plate, and is available for consultation on the website of the Secretariat of Economy, in the “IPVA” menu.

For ending 1, the due date will be on Monday. In the next few days, there are dates for finals 2 (6/2), 3 (7/2), 4 (8/2) and 5 (9/2). The February calendar continues after the Carnival holiday, with endings 6 (15/2), 7 (16/2), 8 (19/2), 9 (20/2) and 0 (21/2).

Second portion

The invoice must be issued by the taxpayer on the Goiás State Traffic Department (Detran-GO) website (goias.gov.br/detran) or on the Detran GO ON application.

This year, owners of vehicles with endings 1 and 2 were able to divide the IPVA into nine installments, from January to September. For other license plates, payment will be made in ten installments, until October. Another option is to pay the IPVA in a single installment, by the deadline for each license plate, in September or October, according to the official calendar.


Anyone enrolled in the Nota Fiscal Goiana Program can receive a reduction of 5% to 10% in the IPVA value of vehicles registered with their CPF. If they do not have a fine and their license is up to date, owners of cars up to 1,000 cc and motorcycles up to 125 cc have a 50% discount on the IPVA.

Vehicles that have been used for 15 years or more and those intended for use by people with disabilities are exempt from payment; taxi or motorcycle taxi; bus or minibus intended for the transport of tourist and school passengers, as long as they meet the requirements set out in the law. The Government of Goiás also offers exemptions to new vehicles purchased from dealers located in Goiás.

Second installment of IPVA 2024
Final 1 – 5/2
Final 2 – 6/2
Final 3 – 7/2
Final 4 – 8/2
Final 5 – 9/2
Final 6 – 15/2
Final 7 – 16/2
Final 8 – 19/2
Final 9 – 20/2
Final 0 – 21/2

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IPVA installment payment begins this Monday


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