Suspects pretend to be workers to carry out scams, in the interior of AL


Some residents of the city of União dos Palmares, in the Zona da Mata region of Alagoas, were victims of a financial scam carried out by people posing as a worker, identified as José Ailton Melo da Silva, popularly known as Bidoló.

The man addressed the PM and the press to report that he is not asking for money and decided to warn the population about the scam that is using his name.

“I came to clarify why I have nothing to do with this type of scam. They are using my name,” said Bidoló, in an interview with the portal BR104.

He further reported that several people, including acquaintances, were persuaded to deposit significant amounts of money, believing they were being extorted by him.

“Today I have my job, my permanent job, my permanent residence, I am the father of three children, I want to live my life peacefully,” he said, reflecting on the impact of these accusations on his personal and family life.

“I looked [a polícia], I did the BO. that is registered here and I want justice… to take a position on this,” he declared.

The scam not only solicits money but also involves threats; “It’s not just asking for money, it’s threatening,” Bidoló explained.

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