man who killed driver couple is sentenced


The defendant for killing a couple of app drivers was sentenced to 48 years in prison by the Chapecó District jury. He is charged with double-degree murder and concealment of a corpse. The victims, Evanir Pires dos Santos Taborda and Simone da Silva Filho, were murdered and buried inside the municipality and their bodies were found four months after the crime.

Jury of defendant for death of driver couple took place in Chapecó – Photo: REPRODUCTION/NDTV

The defendant, 56 years old, was convicted with the qualifications of gross motive and ambush, in relation to the man, and futile motive and use of a resource that made it difficult for the victim to defend the woman’s death.

The jury started around 8:30 in the morning and continued throughout the day. In the morning four witnesses were interviewed. The work ended with the interrogation of the defendant, who chose to answer only the defense lawyers’ questions.

Remember the case of the couple of dead drivers

According to the complaint, the man who was killed was a partner in a washing station. Due to business disagreements, the other owner of the project planned the crime.

The owner invited the victim to see a piece of machinery they intended to buy. She met the app driver in his car. The other victim, also a driver, was in the vehicle.

Victims were killed in January 2021 – Photo: Personal Archive/ND

At the scene, the defendant on trial today shot the man four times in the head and chest. The body was placed in the trunk of the car that was driven by the accused. The other driver was taken along.

The man’s partner and another woman followed the vehicle with another car. Inside Chapecó, the accused shot the woman, the companion of the man who was already dead, twice in the head and chest.

The two women involved in carrying out the crime were convicted. The driver’s partner received 54 years in prison while the partner received 39 years as a sentence, according to the TJSC.

Driver couple buried by suspect

The two bodies were buried in separate graves, in the middle of the forest. The victims’ car was abandoned by the accused in a municipality in Rio Grande do Sul. The crimes took place on January 20, 2021.

The bodies were found four months later and the accused was considered a fugitive. In December 2022 he was arrested in Mato Grosso, where he had already committed another homicide.

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