Minas Gerais Column – 02/02/2024

Minas Gerais Column – 02/02/2024
Minas Gerais Column – 02/02/2024
Grand event marks back to school
The inaugural class that marks the beginning of the school year in the city was held this Thursday (1) by the Municipal Department of Education of Ipatinga, in partnership with Sebrae Minas. A grand event that filled the Usiminas Cultural Center in two periods, morning and afternoon. The inaugural class is a tradition in the period before going back to school and serves as a welcome for employees, with the aim of humanizing the school environment and the exercise of education. “It’s great to be here once again with the servers in an interactive and integrative event, said the Secretary of Education, Cairo Monteiro. (Jornal dos Vales – Ipatinga)
Association honors founder
The Association of Municipalities of Alto Rio das Velhas (Amav), through its president Édson Vargas, mayor of Funilândia, pays tribute to former mayor Marcelo Cecé de Oliveira, who died last Sunday. Cecé was the founder of the association, on March 21, 1985, with the registration of the entity’s Statute on April 2, 1985. Today Amav is made up of 13 municipalities: Sete Lagoas, Funilândia, Prudente de Morais, Capim Branco , Cachoeira da Prata, Fortuna de Minas, Matozinhos, Paraopeba, Caetanópolis, Santana do Riacho, Inhaúma, Santana de Pirapama and Cordisburgo. (Newspaper Sete Dias – Sete Lagoas)
Piedade de Caratinga receives exhibition
The Foster Family Service of the Intermunicipal Consortium for Economic and Social Development of Eastern Minas Gerais expands its activities, now in the municipality of Piedade de Caratinga through Social Assistance. The City Hall headquarters is hosting the “Welcoming Eyes” exhibition. The photos on display are records of the daily lives of children and adolescents in foster care in the consortium municipalities, away from their family of origin as a protection measure. Some of them portray their experience in the homes of registered and trained foster families. (Caratinga Diary).
Public transport has an app
When using public transport, the user needs some information: which line to use to reach their destination; the route used; bus stops along the route; the schedules and waiting time and estimated arrival at the destination. From February 7th, public transport users in Poços de Caldas will literally have all this information at their fingertips with the Floramar Online app. Available free of charge for cell phones or tablets, the user will be able to follow the route of the line, the real-time location and the precise times at which the bus will pass the stop, or even access any bus line to search for a specific route. (Mantiqueira Newspaper – Poços de Caldas)
Paraíso remains alert against dengue
São Sebastião do Paraíso is currently experiencing an alert moment in the fight against dengue. Although the situation is considered “controlled” by the municipality, there is constant concern about containing a possible spread of the disease. The main focus is on people who may be carrying the virus from one place to another. In January, the Municipal Department of Health Surveillance registered 48 notifications of dengue in the city. Of these, 16 cases were confirmed, 15 presented negative results, while 17 are still awaiting the completion of tests. Furthermore, 11 people did not show up for blood collection, essential for laboratory confirmation. (Jornal do Sudoeste – São Sebastião do Paraíso
BH gains new cafeteria for pets
When you go to a coffee shop in the morning, there is now a good chance of encountering unusual customers drinking coffee. With a new business idea in Belo Horizonte, 16-year-old entrepreneur Catarina Hauck opened a cafe for dogs and cats this week. The Pet Café, according to her, aims to combine gastronomy and a passion for animals. Opened at Rua Sergipe, 1187, in the Negócios neighborhood, Central-South region of the Capital, the establishment has a menu adapted for animals. The menu offers a wide range of options, from brunch and coffee to snacks and executive lunch, all with details that refer to the pet universe. (Diário do Comércio – Belo Horizonte)

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