Combining heat and humidity, sunny Saturday has the possibility of rain in MS


Campo Grande will host some carnival groups on the city streets this weekend. Check out the schedule and guarantee the festivities! Take your costume out of the closet and join in the festivities, as entertainment is guaranteed in these blocks!

This Saturday, February 3rd, the blocks As Depravadas, at Calçadão da Barão do Rio Branco, from 9am to 1pm and Calcinha Molhada, at Praça Aquidauana, from 4pm to 10pm will open. Sunday, February 4th, is the turn of the Farofa com Dendê block, at Praça Aquidauana, from 3 pm to 10 pm.

The As Depravadas block is the oldest street block in Campo Grande. He turns 31 on February 13th, Carnival day. But, as the group is essentially made up of press professionals and many of them are on duty on the day, the party always takes place on a Saturday before the long holiday.

Created by a group of press professionals from Mato Grosso do Sul in the 1990s, the block has a controversial name. It appeared as a tribute to another traditional carnival block in a neighborhood of São Luís, capital of Maranhão, where a colleague and one of the block’s creators lived. The former members and founders of the block explain that, in fact, “As Depravadas” is nothing more than a joke to create headlines, as is natural in the press.

“The name of our block is really a headline, something for journalists. And, as a Christian, I suffer criticism for being among my friends and professional colleagues in a carnival group with this scandalous name, but I make social integration and the great contribution that “As Depravadas” have made to the Campo Grande street carnival prevail in the last three decades”, said Ademar Cardoso, a journalist for over 45 years in the capital.

Publicist Maranhão Viegas, who lived in Campo Grande for many years and is one of the creators of the “As Depravadas” block, says that the story is very cool and started in a conversation in a bar.

“It was at a table there at Bar do Zé, we were talking about street carnival and joking about it. Somehow, someone said ‘ah, but there’s no such tradition here’. That’s when I, the photographer Roberto Higa, the publicist Ariosto Mesquita, Luiz, the late journalist Luca Maribondo, and a bunch of other people came together and we started to feel the need to take the block out on the street, literally. It was then that “The Depraved” was born. I don’t know if people know, but there was a similar block in my childhood, in Bairro Madre Deus, in São Luís do Maranhão. It was the “Depravadas” block, which already maintained this tradition of a dirty block where men went out dressed as women and women went out dressed as men”, highlights Viegas.

In 2024 the block will bring the theme ‘Peace & Love & Joy & Carnival’. “We want to remind everyone that carnival is one of the biggest Brazilian festivals and the street carnival in Campo Grande is increasingly organized, beautiful and full of joy”, says Eliane Nobre.

Another block that will take to the streets of Campo Grande this weekend, the Calcinha Molhada block was born in October 2016, when it came out for the first time, in Praça Aquidauana, with the intention of anticipating carnival. The first Carnival Shout from Bloco Calcinha Molhada brought around a thousand people to the square after just one week of publicity.

Given the great acceptance, other Shouts were held in the square and “warm-ups” in partner bars in the following months until the arrival of the official Carnival in 2017, with an estimated audience of 5 thousand people. In 2024, we hope the square will welcome even more revelers.

The Wet Panties Block is made by women and for women. The block’s intention is also to value the power of women, the block has a curation of attractions that prioritize female and LGBTQIA+ artists.

“The first thing that is new for this year is that we redeveloped Praça Aquidauana. We painted the square so that the joy of Carnival remains throughout the year… Creating a more attractive space for the neighborhood. The work was carried out along the lines of tactical, low-cost and high-impact urban planning actions, with colorful and creative painting, in partnership with Sherwin-Williams. The intervention was carried out by local female artists, with a project prepared by Gabi Bonifácio (@gabibonifacio) and Tita (@euflore.ser), and was carried out in a joint effort involving supporters of the bloc and the region’s own neighborhood. The work of the artists”, explains Raina Menezes, one of the coordinators of the Calcinha Molhada block.

This year too, for the first time, the block will have a band. “Before, we only had female DJs as attractions. This year there will be Made in Samba with the voices of Isa Ramos, Karla Coronel and Lauren Cury”.

Farofa com Dendê, which comes out next Sunday, arose from a meeting with black people who make up the Unified Black Movement (MNU). “We initially thought about holding a fair, with black attractions, with black entrepreneurs, and then Diogo Tadeu, who is one of the MNU members, had the idea of ​​holding a carnival block”, says one of the coordinators, Tábata Camila.

“Last year we went out in a procession, we did an intervention inside Cordão Valu, we left Praça da Maria Fumaça, we found the Valu stage, our band brought an afoxé style, timbalada, Araketu, ilê aiê, we pulled to the Bahian side is our repertoire, and the difference is that this year we have a fixed location, we are at Praça Aquidauana, we have a stage, with a fixed structure. This year our theme is women, it is to bring this female representation, to pay tribute to women, to singers, both national and regional singers. The people who will sing in our band this year are women, we have female percussionists, the presenters will be women, so the focus is this, bringing this tribute to women in the cultural scene and bringing affirmative music, music that reinforces this appreciation, this side feminine of culture”.

Karina Lima, FCMS Communication
Photos: Collection of blocks

Source: MS Government

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