Police wanted to buy silence from rape victim, says lawyer


The lawyer who represents the woman victim of gang rape committed by 11 military police officers in August 2023, in Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo, says that she received an offer to earn R$30,000, in exchange for her silence surrounding the case. The person who tried to stop her from reporting the violence committed against her was another police officer, according to the victim.

The São Paulo State Police Ombudsman’s Office called for the immediate removal of the military police officers identified as perpetrators of the crime and for the Internal Affairs Department to adopt measures. The agency says that it became aware of the case through the press and that it informed the Judiciary Police, requesting more details, including expert reports.

Lawyer Allan Kardec Iglesias said that the agreement would be for the woman to change the version recorded in the police report, freeing the police from blame for the crime, as a condition for keeping the amount. The lawyer also informed the Brazil Agency that she told her family what had happened and, despite being welcomed, they tried to convince her not to continue investigating the episode.

The victim became pregnant after the rape, discovering her pregnancy in December, four months after the attack. As Iglesias explained, the woman decided to have an abortion and one of the hospital’s requirements was the presentation of a police report.

The rule, in Brazil, is that the network in the Unified Health System that carries out this type of procedure cannot demand the document, nor exams, the victim’s word is sufficient. The victim had previously gone to another hospital, which made the same demand and advised her to look for the second one, because the pregnancy had already passed 20 weeks and, therefore, the abortion would have to be carried out in the indicated unit.

This Thursday (1st), when contacted by Brazil Agencythe Public Security Secretariat stated that the Civil Police is investigating the case and that “given the seriousness of the complaint”, the Military Police opened an inquiry to investigate the participation of corporation agents in the reported crime.

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