Caixa authorizes FGTS withdrawal in Porto Alegre (RS)

Caixa authorizes FGTS withdrawal in Porto Alegre (RS)
Caixa authorizes FGTS withdrawal in Porto Alegre (RS)

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Caixa Econômica Federal announced the authorization for the Calamity Withdrawal from the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) intended for residents of the central region of Porto Alegre.

This initiative aims to meet the need for personal, urgent and serious cases arising from the natural disaster that occurred on January 16th. In this article, we will detail the main points so that beneficiaries can make their withdrawals correctly.

Region covered and forms of request

The benefited area covers 18 neighborhoods, from the Historic Center to Santana, and includes locations such as Auxiliadora, Bom Fim, Cidade Baixa, Farroupilha, Moinhos de Vento, among others.

Residents of this region have the option of starting the process through the city hall’s 156 service, offering convenience with contact options via phone, email or chat. Essential information such as name, cell phone, address and details of the damage suffered must be provided during the request.

For neighborhoods with a Municipal Human Development Index (IDHM) greater than 0.9, the request is exclusively forwarded via 156. However, residents of other 76 neighborhoods are automatically authorized to request Calamity Cash directly at Caixa Econômica Federal .

How to perform Calamity Loot

The FGTS Calamity Withdrawal allows the redemption of up to R$6.22 thousand and is intended for situations of personal need arising from a natural disaster. Approval, if granted, will be communicated via WhatsApp within 10 business days, allowing withdrawals to be made through Caixa’s official channels.

This benefit was made possible through emergency decrees, duly approved by the State Government and the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development.

Residents of the central region of Porto Alegre have until April 18, 2024 to make the request. The process can be carried out in person at Caixa or, practically, through the FGTS application, ensuring an agile and convenient experience.

Care during the withdrawal process

It is crucial that beneficiaries avoid providing sensitive data or making deposits in response to suspicious messages during the Calamity Withdrawal request process.

Any sign of irregular activity must be reported immediately to the Civil Police hotline to ensure the safety of beneficiaries.

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