Tips for enjoying Carnival without getting hurt on the slopes of Minas

Tips for enjoying Carnival without getting hurt on the slopes of Minas
Tips for enjoying Carnival without getting hurt on the slopes of Minas

In Minas Gerais, everyone knows, in the state’s historic cities, including Ouro Preto, Mariana, Diamantina and São João del Rei, among others, they have a good Carnival. But there are also many slopes, with the famous stone sidewalks and, this year, there are still forecasts of rain during the festivities.

In other words, an ideal scenario to generate injuries and attack the immune system of those who will enjoy the party. Thinking about getting around this, the physiotherapist, preceptor and teacher of the Physiotherapy course Faculdade Una Itabira, Cléucia Procópio, makes some useful warnings for revelers of all ages.

1 – Be careful with injuries

It is common for revelers to slip in the streets due to the type of pavement. The consequences of these accidents can be muscular and joint inflammatory processes, characterized by pain, redness, heat, edema (swelling), even more complex processes such as fractures and the need for hospitalization. To avoid all of this, pay attention to choosing suitable shoes, which are non-slip, comfortable, closed or with straps, but as long as they are attached to the ankles. The Una Itabira teacher also advises avoiding shoes with high platforms, in order to avoid ankle sprains.

2 – Take care of your physical conditioning

Ideally, our bodies should be prepared in this sense well before the carnival period. Being physically prepared means bringing healthy habits into our lives such as: exercising regularly, eating better, relieving stress. In other words, it is important to be “physically active”, especially keeping your knees and calves with good muscle to face hills. “To be a good reveler in historic cities, you need to have the heart to go up and down so many hills, follow so many blocks and still stand for a long time”, adds the Una Itabira teacher.

3 – Be careful with the kids

Care for children must be doubled. First, choose blocks aimed at children. Use children’s sunscreen, choose light and comfortable clothes, dolls and avoid exposing children to the sun. Keep the little ones safe – and you too, parents and guardians! – well fed with light meals, fruits, juices and plenty of water. “And a warning: children sleep and wake up early”, recalls physiotherapist Cléucia Procópio. After all, partying all night is a program for adults. “So, sleep well to enjoy the day with more energy.”

4 – Look at the rain!

There are forecasts of rain during the period, so it is recommended to change wet clothes and take a warm shower to maintain body temperature. In this way, the revelers’ immune system is preserved, which prevents some viral diseases such as flu, colds and pneumonia.

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