Back to school

Back to school
Back to school

Students from schools in the state education network of Paraná return to classes on Monday (05). A total of 908 thousand students are enrolled in the state network. More than 250 educational institutions in Paraná offer this model of comprehensive education in the state network, according to the Department of Education, the objective is to double this number by 2025.


The Legislative Assembly of Paraná will launch the New Transparency Portal. The novelty that promises to mark the beginning of 2024 will not only facilitate access to crucial information for citizens, but will also serve as a platform to highlight the Assembly’s continued commitment, which has already earned a place in the transparency ranking of ATRICON (Association of Members of the Brazilian Audit Courts).

International spotlight

The Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) achieved yet another prominent international position, as published by the most recent “Webometrics Ranking of World Universities”, released this week. In Latin America, UFPR stood out by achieving 13th position, consolidating itself as one of the most relevant institutions in the region.


Iguaçu National Park recorded 214,868 visitors in January 2024, representing an increase of 2.4% compared to January 2023. Compared to 2019, the best year in history in terms of visitation, the park recovered 90% of the number of visitors. Brazilian tourists make up 69% of visitors, coming from all states in Brazil and the Federal District.

state GDP

Studies by the Paraná Institute for Economic and Social Development (Ipardes) indicate that the new road concessions in Paraná will also have a strong impact on the state’s GDP. For lots 1 and 2 alone, the increase will be R$27 billion in the economy by 2054. The Ipardes analysis takes into account the investments to be applied over 30 years by the Via Araucária and EPR Litoral Pioneiro concessionaires.

State GDP II

According to the president of Ipardes, Jorge Callado, in addition to the positive effects related to the execution of the works, the expansion and improvement of Paraná’s road infrastructure will enable increased productivity. “We estimate that for every R$1 million increase in the supply of transport services, Paraná’s GDP will increase by R$544 thousand, contributing to the continuity of the economic dynamism that has been observed in recent years”, he assesses.

Rare deseases

Deputy Ney Leprevost (Union), coordinator of the Parliamentary Front for Medicine, will file next Monday, in the Legislative Assembly of Paraná, a bill establishing that patients with suspected rare diseases be treated by specialist doctors from the public health network. health within a maximum period of 60 days.

February Lilac

The traditional mobilization in favor of Lilac February, Rare Diseases and Syndromes Awareness Month, takes place this Saturday (3) in Curitiba. The gathering begins at 8:30 am in front of the Paraná Commercial Association (ACP) for the walk towards Praça Osório, where there will be a structure with information, guidance, educational games and welcome.

General meeting

The 2024 General Assembly of the Agriculture Federation of the State of Paraná (FAEP), held this week, mobilized the main state and national political authorities, rural leaders and rural unions from all regions of Paraná. The president of the FAEP/SENAR-PR System, Ágide Meneguette, highlighted some of the entity’s mobilizations, such as: the fight against the review of soybean moisture indices; the demand for the resumption of incentives for rural insurance and the creation of the Commission.

The agricultural

Federal deputy Sérgio Souza, one of the agribusiness leaders in the National Congress, recalled that Paraná has the largest agribusiness representation bench, also occupying spaces on other parliamentary fronts. “The main challenge in our new year is to ensure that the laws approved are actually complied with, that we enforce the democratic rule of law, the independence of powers,” he said.

Companies in Paraná

The year 2024 sets a new record in time for opening companies in Paraná. The average deadline for opening new businesses in state territory was just 9 hours and 50 minutes in the first month of the year, a reduction of 49 minutes compared to the best mark so far, obtained in December 2023, when the average deadline was 10 hours and 39 minutes.

The judgement

The Regional Electoral Court of Paraná (TRE-PR) suspended the trial session of the process that could lead to the impeachment of senator Sérgio Moro (União Brasil). The decision was made by the newly installed president of the Court, Sigurd Roberto Bengtsson, claiming that there is a need to wait for the appointment of a new state electoral judge for the position of jurist. The seat has been unoccupied since January 27th and the appointment is up to President Lula.

The trial II

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) approved the triple list with three names of jurists nominated to compete for the position of permanent lawyer at the Regional Electoral Court of Paraná (TRE-PR). The list was forwarded to President Lula for deliberation. With the decision, the president of the TRE, Sigurd Roberto Bengtsson, can set the date for the trial against senator Sérgio Moro.

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