Data shows that the collapse of the SC-401 is also the fault of drivers


That SC-401 is collapsing and no longer sustains local flow is not exactly news. That the Government of Santa Catarina is unprepared to find an immediate solution is nothing new either. But it is essential to share responsibilities.

Problems at SC-401 generated a public hearing in Florianópolis – Photo: Diogo de Souza/ND

At the meeting held last Wednesday (31), at the request of the MPSC (Public Ministry of Santa Catarina), to discuss solutions to the incapacity of the busiest highway in the State, alarming data was released.

The deputy commander of the PMRv (Military Highway Police), Maurício Abílio dos Santos, exposed some shocking figures regarding the behavior of drivers along the northern stretch of the highway, which is almost 20 kilometers long.

These are small gestures – or lack thereof – that, when added together, have a big impact on the flow of traffic.

In 2023 alone, the company recorded 12,557 fines, the most frequent of which were for driving and using a cell phone; failure to use a seat belt and lack of a license.

The use of cell phones while driving, in the words of Maurício Abílio, called the “plague of the millennium”. Small distractions caused by improper use of the telephone are responsible for small accidents, enough to cause major inconvenience on the highway.

Excess speed and weight

Other individual behaviors also reflect directly and indirectly on the swelling of the pathway. According to Abílio dos Santos, vehicles are constantly caught at high speeds.

Flagrant of the Santa Catarina Military Highway Police; recklessness also results in chaos on the highway – Diogo de Souza/ND

Vehicle caught well above the weight supported by the highway - Diogo de Souza/ND

Vehicle caught well above the weight supported by the highway – Diogo de Souza/ND

One case shared by the police officer was a vehicle caught at 143 km/h. Motorcycles, sometimes not so powerful, are easily caught at more than 120 km/h.

Another example described at the expanded meeting revealed a truck weighing almost 30 tons more than the weight allowed for the road.

These are small samples that highlight the irresponsibility of selfish drivers. A clear indication that the solution goes far beyond the demand for more structure. It involves awareness and education and that, as we all know, cannot be bought on any corner.

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