Marituba provides training to combat Chagas Disease – Marituba City Hall


The Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development, Tourism, Work, Employment and Income (SEDETER) held, on January 30th and 31st, the first Workshop on Surveillance and combating Chagas disease.

In the workshop, the scouts gained knowledge about the spread of the disease.

The workshop was led by the State Department for Combating Chagas Disease, with training for açaí blenders provided by the State Department of Health Surveillance. In the workshop, the scouts gained knowledge about the spread of the disease.

Still within the partnership, a workshop was held for health professionals in primary, medium and high complexity care. The speaker was Barros Barreto’s doctor, Dilma Souza, who spoke about the disease and clinical management,

Health professionals also had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the disease

Açaí Chain – Sedeter works to encourage and monitor scouts to strengthen the fruit’s marketing chain. Part of this work includes “on-site” visits, training and exchanges with businesspeople and associations that work with the processing and export of açaí.

Chagas disease – Chagas disease is transmitted by infected kissing bugs, which, when biting a healthy person, deposit contaminated feces in the wound, allowing the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite to enter the bloodstream (vector transmission).

The disease can also be transmitted orally, through food contaminated by the feces of Trypanosoma cruzy, due to a lack of hygiene control and care at the time of processing.

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