‘Amazonas Meu Lar’ extends deadline for data correction until February 15th | Amazon

‘Amazonas Meu Lar’ extends deadline for data correction until February 15th | Amazon
‘Amazonas Meu Lar’ extends deadline for data correction until February 15th | Amazon

1 of 1 Registration on Amazonas Meu Lar. — Photo: Disclosure
Registration on Amazonas Meu Lar. — Photo: Disclosure

Those pre-registered in the Amazonas Meu Lar Program who missed the deadline to correct information can still request data review until February 15th. According to the Special Projects Management Unit (UGPE), out of 6,462 people who presented errors in their information, only 2,535 responded to the call made by the program.

According to the agency, other people who did not correct the data will have a new opportunity to request a review. The steps are as follows:

  1. They must check, through the Amazonas Meu Lar SASI application, which inconsistencies have been identified.
  2. Then, send an email to the email address [email protected], with the title “Pre-registration review”.
  3. The body of the message must include the full name, pre-registration protocol number, CPF number and contact telephone number.

The Amazonas Meu Lar program team recommends that, even those who did not receive the notice calling for the correction of information, should access the SASI application to check their status. To carry out the query, you must click on the “My Registration” button and, subsequently, on the “Status” tab, which will demonstrate whether the data is consistent or inconsistent.

According to the UGPE secretary, Marcellus Campêlo, only those with inconsistent data should forward the message by email. The person, according to him, should also send the message just for data review, since the system is no longer open for pre-registration.

The recommendation is due to the fact that many people are taking advantage of the open window to request registration, which will not be possible, as this deadline closed in October last year.

“The system will remain open until the end of the new deadline, exclusively for pre-registered people, regardless of whether they have been called or not, to make the query and request correction. If the status shows that there is inconsistent data, that person must forward the email -mail so that the program team can get in touch and provide guidance for this correction’, he explained.

The Amazonas Meu Lar Program integrates the housing and land policies of the Government of Amazonas, under the coordination of the State Secretariat for Urban and Metropolitan Development (Sedurb) and execution by UGPE, State Housing Superintendence (Suhab) and Secretariat of Cities and Territories of the State of Amazonas (Sect).

The goal is to offer 24,044 housing solutions and regularize 33 thousand properties. The program is estimated at R$4.7 billion, including investment from the State Government, resources from the FGTS and the Residential Lease Fund (FAR).

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