Raquel Lyra participates in the inauguration of the new Board of Directors of the Court of Justice of Pernambuco


Governor Raquel Lyra attended the inauguration of the new Board of Directors of the Court of Justice of Pernambuco (TJPE) this Friday (2), at the Palace of Justice. The manager attended the ceremony that swore in judge Ricardo Paes Barreto as president of the court for the 2024/2026 biennium. During the event, the head of the state Executive thanked the work of the previous president of the TJPE, on behalf of judge Luiz Carlos Figueirêdo, and said that the institution will continue with excellent management. Vice-governor Priscila Krause also attended the ceremony.

“The Court of Justice of Pernambuco is a historic institution, which guarantees ethics as a fundamental principle of the behavior of public agents. That the people of Pernambuco can feel legitimately represented by public authorities, because without social justice none of the guarantees, such as health, education and security, can be sustained. Therefore, it is with great satisfaction that I congratulate the members who take office on the new Board of Directors, on behalf of judge Ricardo Paes Barreto, wishing them much success in these actions, and I also thank judge Luiz Carlos for his commitment and dedication to the front of TJPE”, highlighted Raquel Lyra.

The new panel also includes judges Fausto Campos (1st vice-president), Eduardo Sertório (2nd vice-president) and Francisco Bandeira de Mello (general inspector of justice). “This is a historic and very special day for me and my colleagues who take over the Board of Directors for the 2024/2026 biennium. We will provide justice with even more efficiency, modernity and inclusion, putting in a lot of effort in this management. I thank Judge Luiz Carlos for everything he did for the House”, said the new president of the TJPE, Ricardo Paes Barreto.

In his speech, judge Luiz Carlos Figueirêdo thanked all members for their work while he was president. “I have to be grateful, I have an obligation to do my best. And without the help of public authorities it would not have been possible”, noted the judge.

Present at the ceremony were Senator Teresa Leitão, ministers Luciana Santos (Science, Technology and Innovation), José Múcio Monteiro (Defense) and André de Paula (Fisheries and Aquaculture); the mayor of Recife, João Campos; the president of the Legislative Assembly of Pernambuco, Álvaro Porto; the attorney general of the Public Ministry of Pernambuco, Marcos Carvalho; the president of the Brazilian Bar Association in Pernambuco, Fernando Ribeiro Lins, as well as federal and state deputies.

Photo: Hesíodo Góes/Secom


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