The next few days will be the best of summer on the beaches of Rio Grande do Sul: sun, calm and warm sea


The next few days appear to be a strong candidate to be the best of this summer season in 2024 on the beaches of the coast of Rio Grande do Sul.

After a January marked by the “chocolatão” sea phenomenon, resulting from the proliferation of algae, now Gauchos on the beaches can enjoy more favorable conditions.

Expectations point to a scenario with lots of sun and a clearer, calmer and warmer sea, providing vacationers with green flag days and excellent atmospheric and oceanic conditions.

Over the last month, the waters have been darker in color and have colder temperatures, but the trend is now towards a sea with more favorable conditions for swimming.

Warmer and clearer waters, however, can bring an increase in the presence of water mothers, a common phenomenon when sea temperatures rise.

The weather will be excellent, with a predominance of sunshine for several consecutive days along the beaches of the Rio Grande do Sul coast, according to MetSul.

Heat will be present, especially under the sun, but it will not be excessive, with the highest temperatures concentrated in places further away from the coastal strip.

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The favorable maritime conditions that are predicted have oceanic and atmospheric origins.

The Brazil Current, with warm and clear waters, tends to predominate on the Brazilian coast, while the Malvinas Current, with colder waters, is common on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul.

At the beginning of February, the passage of cold fronts in the Rio Grande do Sul region will be scarce, resulting in little wind from the southern quadrant.

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With a warm air mass, winds will blow predominantly from West to North. Without the influence of cold fronts, the Brazilian Current will advance towards the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, bringing warmer and clearer waters.

Sea surface temperature anomaly maps indicate an extensive area of ​​the South Atlantic with temperatures well above normal, correlating with drought patterns in Argentina and Uruguay.

The dry weather in these regions favors the maintenance of favorable sea conditions along the coast of Rio Grande do Sul.

Enjoy the best of summer on the beaches of Rio Grande do Sul.

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