Ranking points out most played songs at carnival in Minas


February 2, 2024 | 17:00

Ranking points out most played songs at carnival in Minas

Banda Eva re-released the song that designed Ivete Sangalo

Spending Carnival in Minas Gerais is synonymous with lots of rhythm and fun. Different cities in the state, such as Belo Horizonte, Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Diamantina and São João del-Rei, promote parties for revelers from all over the country with blocks, trios and events. The song is one of the stars of the carnival party and, in 2023, the hit “Eva” – which rocks with the chorus “My little Eva, our love in the last spaceship, beyond infinity I will fly” – was the most played song throughout the state of Minas Gerais in shows and electric trios during the last carnival.

In reality, the lyrics of “Eva” are the literal translation into Portuguese of the composition written by the Italian Umberto Tozzi and the song was released in the country by the band Rádio Táxi, in 1983. This great success was re-released in 1997 by the Bahian Banda Eva and it became a Brazilian axé anthem, in addition to helping to consolidate the career of the group’s lead singer at the time, Ivete Sangalo. Since then, countless versions have been recorded of this classic that livens up carnival blocks and dances, shows and events across the country.


Jorge Ben Jor appears in 2nd place in the 2023 rankingJorge Ben Jor appears in 2nd place in the 2023 ranking
Already deceased, Tim Maia continues to be popular successAlready deceased, Tim Maia continues to be popular success

A survey by Ecad (Central Collection and Distribution Office) showed the top 5 for Carnival 2023 in Minas Gerais and also an overview of the collection of copyrights from public music performances during the carnival period last year. In amounts collected from organizers and promoters of shows and events in the region, the total reached R$2.2 million in 2023, which represents growth of more than 510% compared to 2022, when the government suspended carnival in the state.

“The return of Carnival in 2023, after the restrictions of 2022, was representative in terms of amounts paid across the state. This year, we will have an extensive street carnival program in several cities and different carnival events and we have reinforced, together with party organizers, both public and private, the importance of music licensing to pay composers and artists. It is essential that everyone values ​​composers and recognizes the importance of music for their events and businesses”, said Ênio Medeiros, Ecad manager who serves the state of Minas Gerais.

For this year’s carnival, Ecad launched its campaign focused on raising awareness about the importance of paying copyright. Entitled “With music, the festivities get better”, the action is aimed at those who will use music publicly in carnival programs and events, such as organizers and promoters of shows, electric trios, street blocks, city halls, nightclubs, clubs and others. The campaign, which features a landing page, artist testimonials, posts on social media and sending emails, reinforces the importance of music for these events and licensing to perform music publicly.

Top 5 of the most played in shows and electric trios in Minas/2023

Position Music Authors
1 “Eva” Cartavetrata / Umto / Ficarelli
2 “Tropical country” Jorge Ben Jor
3 “I don’t want money” Tim Maia
“Praieiro” Manno Goes
4 “Arerê” Gilson Babilônia / Alaim Tavares
5 “Parará” (I’m soul good) Diego Nascimento / Tomate

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