213 thousand hectares already harvested


The 23/24 soybean harvest reached 213 thousand hectares, equivalent to 5.0% of the total area, last Friday, 26th, in Mato Grosso do Sul. The numbers released by the Association of Soy Producers of Mato Grosso do Sul – Aprosoja/MS, through the Agriculture Bulletin, show that the final operation is 4.4 percentage points ahead of the same period of the previous year and should gain even more strength between February 9th and March 15th, an interval which concentrates 77% of the harvest.

The northern region has an average of 8.1% of harvested area, the center has an average of 5.3% and the south has an average of 4.1%. Regarding conditions, 81% of the crops are in good condition, 12% in fair condition and 7% in poor condition.

The president of Aprosoja/MS, Jorge Michelc, states that this moment reflects the instability of this harvest. “It was a cycle that began with a delay in the planting operation, in which the crops faced difficulties in the initial establishment and many of them needed to be replanted. So, despite this progress in the final operation compared to the previous year, it is essential that the producer pays attention to the completion of the harvest in his area, avoiding as much as possible late planting of corn for this second harvest”, he explains.

Regarding climatic conditions, the document informs that up to the first week of February, rainfall of up to 40 millimeters is expected, with emphasis on the north and northeast regions of the state. In the second period, which runs until February 13, the central-south, southeast, northeast and east regions can receive up to 175 millimeters.

Corn planting: last week, MS reached 90.9 thousand hectares, equivalent to 4.1% of the total area. The northern region has the most advanced planting, with an average of 11.4%, while the center has 4.9% and the south has an average of 2.7% planted area.

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