Bloco da Montadas gets a new location and will have a Grag Queen show

Bloco da Montadas gets a new location and will have a Grag Queen show
Bloco da Montadas gets a new location and will have a Grag Queen show

Bloco das Montadas, promoted by Distrito Drag, will bring all its diversity to the center of Brasília on Carnival Sunday (February 11). This year, the attraction takes to the streets with new features, starting with the location and time. The stage is on the lawn of the National Library (Monumental Platform) and the program starts at 10am. Entry remains free. The block is part of the Brasília em Folia circuit and prepares a series of musical attractions, such as the singer and presenter of Drag Race Brasil, Grag Queen, the singer Dhi Ribeiro, the group Maria Vai Casoutras, the drums of the Capela Imperial samba school, the Fanfare Parade, with As Maluvidas, Vivendo e Batucando, and Capivareta Repercussiva and DJs Nicolas Magalhães, Túlio Bueno, Júnior K and Patty Peronti.

In addition to the musical attractions, a representative cast of the Federal District’s drag queen scene was called up for performances: Allice Bombom, Linda Brondi, Gal Maria, Adora Black, Madison Parker, Oriana, K-Halla, Pérola Negra, Avellaskis and Larissa West.

With the new location for the block, Distrito Drag reinforces the character of occupying the city with culture, which could not be different during Carnival. “Our desire and our efforts are so that everyone can enjoy and have fun at Carnival with safety and respect. We want each person to be able to exercise the freedom to be who they are within the biggest party of our people”, points out Ruth Venceremos, drag queen queen and one of the members of the collective’s board of directors.

The inspiration for this edition of Bloco das Montadas comes from cinema and the theme chosen is “Priscilla, the Queen of the Cerrado”, in reference to the classic film that celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community. “2024 marks 30 years since the release of the film that marked a generation and artistically and aesthetically influenced LGBTQIA+ culture around the world. It is extremely important to keep the memory alive and salute those who came before, as art and culture are made over time”, defines drag queen Victor Baliane, artistic director of Bloco das Montadas and member of Distrito Drag.

Support and accessibility
For the integration of people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users, Bloco das Montadas provides an accessible space. The attraction will also have live performers on stage. The Drag District formed, through a public call, a team made up of 30 trans and non-binary people who will provide information and assistance to the block’s revelers.


Created and led by transformation artists, Bloco das Montadas emerged in 2018. The expectation was to bring together 500 people, but 15,000 joined the Drag District party. In 2019, 2020 and 2023, the attraction was elected, by popular vote, as the best and safest carnival group in the DF in an award ceremony held by Correio Braziliense. In the 2023 edition, the registered audience was 100 thousand people.

With four days of occupation during the DF 2024 Carnival, the Brasília em Folia Circuit is made up of the Diversity Platform (Ibero-American Cultural Axis), South Carnival Sector (In front of the Correios Museum) and Monumental Platform (National Library Lawn). In addition to the stages on the platforms, the carnival agenda includes fanfares, blocks and electric trios that travel along the circuit in the directions Via S2 and Eixo Monumental. The entire agenda is available on the website

Montadas Blog 2024
February 11th (Monday), from 10am
On the lawn of the National Library (Monumental Platform)
Free entrance

Brasília in Revelry Map:

Source: Lambada Communication

Photo: Thiago Sabino

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