Police chief cites cruelty of son who killed father in Indaial


The cruelty behind the murder of businessman Márcio Elizeu Melo, aged 45, in Indaial, in the Itajaí Valley, and the attempted murder of his wife, aged 39, left the Indaial Civil Police Chief himself, Filipe Martins Alves Pereira , appalled. The couple’s 18-year-old son was arrested this Thursday (1st). He confessed to the crime, which occurred in the early hours of Monday (29), at the family home, in the Estrada das Areias neighborhood.

Police revealed details of the case of a son who killed his father in Indaial – Photo: Isabella Dotta/NDTV

This Friday morning (2), the Civil Police clarified the details of the crime that shocked the city of Indaial. For police chief Filipe Martins Alves Pereira, the cruelty of the son who killed his father in Indaial and stabbed his mother is even greater than that found in the case of Suzane von Richthofen, convicted of murdering her parents in 2002.

“This case takes on an even greater cruelty. In Suzane’s case, the participation would have been in opening the door for the executors to enter and commit the crime, this is what was found there. In this crime, the cruelty is greater, because in addition to the son having planned everything, having planned and promised a reward, he is also the one who carried out the crime and strikes his mother at the moment of the incident,” she said.

In the crime recorded in Indaial, the son had the help of a friend, who was also temporarily arrested, this Thursday (1st). The son’s intention was to kill his parents while they were sleeping. When questioned, the businessman’s son’s friend told the police that he received an offer of R$50,000 and a family car, a Chevrolet Montana, to collaborate in the action.

The son worked in a small metallurgical factory that his parents owned in Indaial and did not accept being treated “as a mere employee”, according to the police chief’s report. So far, this would be a reason that the Civil Police believe was the trigger for the brutal death of the father and the attempted murder of the mother.

Based on the analysis of images from security cameras in the house and in the neighborhood, the crime occurred around 00:20 on that Monday (29). The son left home at 10:50 pm on Sunday (28), to go to his friend’s house, co-author. He left the house, met his friend, changed his clothes and went towards the house where he lived with his parents.

To get to the house, they both had to pass through a forested area. Along the way, the couple’s son lost the knife he would use in the crime, a fact that helped the Civil Police discover his role in the murder.

Cameras helped identify the couple’s son, at which point he went to the kitchen, trying to cover his face with a shirt, to get another knife to carry out the murder inside the house. His way of walking was recognized by family members of Márcio’s son, in statements collected by the Civil Police.

The remainder of the investigation led the police to discover his own son’s involvement in the crime, which had been planned for around two months. After his arrest, the son was interrogated and confessed, as well as offering to pay a reward to his friend.

He explained to the police that he shared the layout of the house, the position of the internal security cameras and passed the information to his friend. Together, the two decided to carry out the crime that night.

Police revealed crime dynamics in Indaial

The police discovered that the businessman’s son agreed with his friend that he would kill his own father and that the suspect’s friend would attack his mother. However, the son did not expect that his father would hear the noise of people inside the house and leave the couple’s room. As he leaves the room, the father comes face to face with the suspect’s friend inside the house and the friend stabs Márcio in the neck.

Márcio Elizeu Melo was killed at the behest of his own son in Indaial – Photo: Social Networks/Reproduction/ND

Both get into a physical fight and Márcio loses his life. At the same time, the son goes to his mother and attacks her inside the room. The woman, interviewed by the police, did not know that the killer was her son.

The woman tried to defend herself, but ended up being struck in the chest six to seven times. Then, the suspect’s friend advances towards her again and stabs her in the temple area, between the eye, ear and cheek.

The suspect’s father remained lying down and had no further reaction. Likewise, the woman remained unconscious in the property and the pair thought they were both dead. After that, they leave the house.

The woman survived and asked for help on the balcony of the residence. She was found by the Military Police bloodied and with stab wounds. The victim is hospitalized and there is no updated information on her health status.

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