Works at the Central Hospital and Celad will be delivered in 2024


The works on the Central Hospital and the Supply and Distribution Logistics Center (Celad), carried out by the State Department of Health (SES-MT) in Cuiabá, will be delivered to the population in 2024.

The Central Hospital, whose works were suspended for 34 years, is already 92% complete. The old part of the building was 9 thousand m² and was expanded by 23 thousand m²; The current project totals 32 thousand m² of built area. A total investment of R$215.3 million is expected in the execution of the work, which should be completed in 2024; services should begin in 2025.

The unit will have the capacity to offer 1,990 hospitalizations, 652 surgeries, 3,000 specialized consultations and 1,400 exams per month. The new project provides for 10 operating rooms, 60 beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 230 infirmary beds and a physical structure for carrying out imaging exams. Furthermore, the high complexity unit will have a total of 290 beds aimed at serving the entire population of Mato Grosso.

The work on the Logistics Supply and Distribution Center (Celad) is also accelerated, with 73% completion, and will receive a total investment of approximately R$64.7 million. Linked to Pharmaceutical Assistance, the unit will offer a more modern and spacious space for storing medicines and compounds to be distributed to the State’s municipalities. The location will also meet the logistical demands of several State departments.

“It is very satisfying to see that these two works are advanced, already in the initial stage of completion. The plan is for us to make these important deliveries to our population in 2024. The work at the Central Hospital is emblematic, it will be the first hospital built by the State in the capital and it is already emerging as a reference hospital for high complexity”, highlighted the secretary State of Health, Gilberto Figueiredo.

According to the Deputy Secretary of Infrastructure and Information Technology at SES, Mayara Galvão, the works at the Central Hospital and Celad are progressing significantly. “Our teams are working around the clock on these projects. We will have the most modern healthcare structure and technology,” she added.

Governor Mauro Mendes inspected the constructions this Friday (02/02). “The delivery of this hospital will be a great benefit for the population, the structure will be very technological, with modern equipment”, he stated.

Six new hospitals for MT

In addition to the Central Hospital, the State Government builds five other hospitals in Mato Grosso. One of them is the new Júlio Müller University Hospital, located on MT-040, the road that connects Cuiabá to the municipality of Santo Antônio de Leverger. The construction of the unit is carried out by the State Secretariat for Infrastructure and Logistics (Sinfra-MT) and is already 55% complete.

The total investment is R$221.1 million, divided between the State and the Union, as the work is the result of an agreement signed between the State and the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT).

The other four units under construction are the Regional Hospitals of Tangará da Serra, Juína, Alta Floresta and Araguaia, in Confresa. With an expected investment of R$477 million by SES, the works are progressing in the interior of the state and are expected to be completed in 2025. The units will fill health care gaps in Mato Grosso.

Source: MT – MT Government

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