Games from the Interior of Minas return with a special edition for futsal


The Government of Minas Gerais announced, this Friday (2/2), the first cities that will host the Minas Gerais Interior Games (Jimi): Araguari, Curvelo, Pará de Minas and Ponte Nova.

In total, eight municipalities will host the games in this resumption of the competition, which will have a special edition dedicated to futsal.

The initiative is carried out by the State Secretariat for Social Development of Minas Gerais (Sedese-MG), in partnership with municipal governments, and seeks to promote sport and the active participation of athletes in the state.

“Jimi-Futsal promises to move the sport to every corner of our state. I’m sure it will be a very important sporting event. We count on all municipalities, all athletes and all futsal lovers to participate with us in this resumption. It will be a great event”, celebrates Tomás Mendes, Undersecretary of Sports at Sedese.

To select the cities, Sedese analyzed the Specifications sent by the municipalities, in December 2023, and identified those that were best prepared to host the event.


Athletes, whether federated or not, exclusively born or with electoral domicile in Minas Gerais, who are over 16 years old, in both categories, male and female, can participate in Jimi-Futsal.

“Jimi-Futsal is an important competition in the Minas Gerais sports calendar, an opportunity to strengthen sporting, educational and cultural ties in the state, as well as a window of opportunities for professionals and athletes”, highlights Pedro Ogando, from the Directorate of Incentives for Participation Sports and Headquarters Income.

Schedule and registration

Played between March and June, Jimi-Futsal will be divided into two stages: micro-regional and state. The microregions will take place on two different dates, with four venues in each.

The first stage of the microregional will be held between the 27th and 31/3. The second stage, which does not yet have defined venues, will be between the 1st and 5/5. The state stage is scheduled to be played between 29/5 and 2/6, in a single venue yet to be chosen.

To register, both athletes and municipalities need to pay attention to the execution schedule, which has specific dates for each stage of the microregion.

The interested public must also observe the List of Municipalities by Microregion, as well as the General and Specific Regulations of the competition.

check out:

Execution cronogram

List of municipalities by microregion

General regulations

Specific regulation

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