Duo steals cars, takes hostage, runs over pedestrian and causes accident in DF


Woman reacted to the approach because her daughter, a toddler, was sleeping in the back seat

Folhapress – February 2, 2024

Case was registered on Thursday afternoon (1) in Vicente Pires (Photo: DF Military Police/Video reproduction)

Two men were arrested after committing robberies, taking a woman hostage, running over a man and causing an accident in Vicente Pires (DF).


The pair approached a woman who was in a car on Thursday afternoon (31). She reacted to the approach because her daughter, a toddler, was sleeping in the back seat.

The victim’s husband witnessed the approach and also tried to prevent the robbery. The suspects shot at him, but he was not injured. The infant was removed from the car by his 12-year-old sister.

With the stolen car, the suspects ran over a man and caused an accident with five other vehicles.

They fled the scene of the accident, broke into a condominium, took the owner of a house hostage and forced her to drive with them towards Via Estrutural.

Information about the robbery was passed on to the police, who laid siege to the exit from Vicente Pires and located the stolen vehicle.

The robbers fled the police approach by running, but were detained. With them, objects belonging to the victims, a pistol and the key to a stolen vehicle were found.

The condition of the man who was run over was not disclosed by the police. The case was registered by the 8th DP of the Federal District.

One of the suspects in the crime had been released from prison in a “saidão” this Thursday morning, hours before being arrested again, the police reported. The names of the suspects have not been released and UOL has not found their defense so far.

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