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Candidates must have a secondary level, a category B driver’s license and be at least 18 years old; Deadline is February 14th

Published on February 2, 2024 at 4:55 pm

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Prisons in Espírito Santo are administered by Sejus. (Disclosure | Espírito Santo Department of Justice)

The Espírito Santo Department of Justice (Sejus) is open for registration for the simplified selection process for resocialization monitors. The hiring rules were announced this Friday (2). The selection aims to fill the reserve register and the contracts will be temporary.

The remuneration for the position is R$4,717.08, plus food allowance worth R$600. The temporary contract will be valid for 12 months and may be extended for the same period. The working day will be 40 hours per week.

To participate, you must have completed high school or a professional course, Brazilian or Portuguese nationality; valid driver’s license in category “B” or higher; and at least 18 years of age on the closing date of registration. Both male and female candidates can participate.

The opportunities are for the municipalities of Cariacica, Guarapari, Serra, Viana, Vila Velha, Vitória, Grande Vitória, Barra de São Francisco, São Mateus, Aracruz, Colatina, Linhares, São Domingos do Norte, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim and Marataízes.

ES Justice Department hires resocialization monitor

The simplified selection process will respect the reservation of vacancies in the percentage of 20% for black people, 5% for indigenous people and 10% for people with disabilities.

The selection will have three phases, consisting of registration and qualification, of a classificatory and eliminatory nature; delivery of supporting documentation regarding professional qualifications, suitability and unblemished conduct in public and private life, in addition to the delivery of documentation for signing a contract.

Position responsibilities

  • Collaborate in the planning, organization, monitoring, execution and evaluation of
  • routine activities inherent to prison management and assistance activities provided to prisoners;
  • Cooperate with teams of professionals involved in criminal treatment activities in prisons;
  • Provide collaboration and support for the execution of data collection activities and
  • perform information collection and recording services in establishments
  • prisons;
  • Collaborate in activities necessary for surveillance, order and discipline in prison establishments;
  • Monitor the work and behavior of the prison population, observing the
  • own regulations and standards, in accordance with the Criminal Execution Law – LEP and other national and international documents;
  • Observe the movements of prisoners within the penal establishment;
  • Make sure that the electronic monitoring system cameras are positioned so as not to allow blind spots to occur;
  • Activate the general alarm of the penal establishment whenever observed
  • urgent abnormality;
  • Communicate any changes observed regarding safety to your immediate superior
  • in the penal establishment, including fire cases;
  • Assist in the periodic conference of the prison population, as required by law.
  • ordinances and/or regulations;
  • Collaborate in checking the cleanliness and hygiene conditions of cells and facilities
  • toilets for use by prisoners;
  • Report any irregularities detected upon assuming the position;
  • Collaborate in the search of prisoners;
  • Assist with searches of food and belongings that enter establishments
  • prisons;
  • Assist in the transportation of prisoners when they move around the internal areas of the prison.
  • prison establishment or the complex where they are located;
  • Cooperate in escorting prisoners during their external movements to
  • forums, police districts, hospitals, wakes, prisons and others;
  • Collaborate in the thorough search of the places where the prisoner will enter, including cells,
  • checking that there are no concealed weapons, messages, false keys to
  • handcuffs or other illegal or compromising objects;
  • Collaborate or provide the documentation, processes and expedients necessary for the
  • transportation of prisoners;
  • Operate in radiocommunication and video monitoring systems;
  • Carry out activities at checkpoints and entrances, which do not require
  • armament;
  • Carry out movement of prisoners for work, educational, health,
  • visits, care and general activities within the area of ​​the penal establishment,
  • internally and externally;
  • Ensure the maintenance, conservation and correct use of installations, equipment,
  • uniforms, instruments, personal protective equipment and other work objects;
  • Execute the distribution of food and supplies to prisoners;
  • Perform administrative activities of identification and registration of
  • information relating to prisoners;
  • Monitor visitor records, including family members of inmates,
  • authorized to enter prison establishments;
  • Access documentation, binders and records, for production and updating of
  • prisoner data;
  • Carry out administrative activities within prison establishments, in
  • terms of legislation;
  • Observe the security and discipline standards of the prison establishment;
  • Observe safety measures against work accidents;
  • Perform related activities according to the area of ​​activity.

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