Breastfeeding women will have more time to take the MS exam – Cities

Breastfeeding women will have more time to take the MS exam – Cities
Breastfeeding women will have more time to take the MS exam – Cities

Competition with 119 higher education places did not provide for compensation for time spent breastfeeding

Entrance to HRMS (Hospital Regional de Mato Grosso do Sul), where those approved in the competition will work (Photo: Geniffer Valeriano/Arquivo)

Breastfeeding candidates will have more time to take the test in the competition in Mato Grosso do Sul. In addition, the Public Defender’s Office also obtained an exemption from the registration fee for those who have already served as jurors.

On January 26th, Funsau (Fundação Serviços de Saúde do Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul) published three notices of selection processes with a total of 279 vacancies, 20 of which were for primary level positions, 140 for those who attended high school and 119 for higher education candidates.

However, the notice to hire doctors, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, biochemical pharmacists, biomedical scientists, clinical engineers, nutritionists, speech therapists, social workers and physiotherapists no longer provides for exemption from the registration fee provided for in State Law 6,003/2022, which confers benefits to people who served as jurors on the Sentencing Council in courts of the Jury Court of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The competition also prohibited compensation for time spent breastfeeding for lactating candidates.

Therefore, on January 30th, the coordination of Nufamd (Center for Public Finance, Housing and Social Rights), public defender Regina Celia Rodrigues Magro, sent a letter to the SAD (State Secretariat for Administration) informing of non-compliance with state law, in addition to argue that not granting extra time to candidates who breastfeed violates the principle of equality.

The requests made by the Public Defender’s Office were fully accepted and the notice rectifying the contest was published in the Official State Gazette this Thursday (1st).

“In this way, through the Public Defender’s Office of MS, candidates were assured of full compliance with the legislation in force regarding gratuity and the policy aimed at gender equality in favor of breastfeeding women, which lacks legislative provision in our State”, he pointed out. the defender.

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