Carnival 2024 in Alagoas: Municipalities and Schedules

Carnival 2024 in Alagoas: Municipalities and Schedules
Carnival 2024 in Alagoas: Municipalities and Schedules

Carnival is more than just a party in the state of Alagoas; it is a significant driver of the local economy. With options ranging from the hustle and bustle of carnival rhythms to the serenity of beaches and countryside, the municipalities of Alagoas offer perfect destinations for all tastes.

Municipalities and Their Schedules:

1 White Water:

Date: February 11th to 13th.
Programming: Street blocks and musical show in the Historic Center, starting at 5pm.

2 Belo Monte:

Date: February 10th to 13th.
Programming: Shows and street blocks

3 White:

Date: December 4th (opening of Carna Branquinha with Trio da Huanna and Elminho)
days, 7, 8 and 9 blocks
Days 10 and 12 from 6pm – shows at Praça José Gomes de Freitas
Days 11 and 13 from 3pm – shows at Praça José Gomes de Freitas

4 Campo Alegre:

Date: To be confirmed.
Programming: The best in the region.

5 Leopoldina Colony:

Date: day 03
Programming: Grito de Carnaval, Praça do Cruzeiro.

6 Coruripe:

Date: 8th and 9th (Children’s Dance and Secretariat Block) and 10th to 13th February.
Programming: Carnival in 8 centers and street blocks.

7 Delmiro Gouveia:

Date: February 10th to 13th.
Programming: Celebrating 70 years of tradition.

8 Happy Desert:

Date: February 10th to 13th.
Programming: Shows, Frevo Orchestra and Blocos.

9 Jaramataia:

Date: February 10th to 13th.
Programming: Jarafolia.

10 Jequiá da Praia:

Date: February 8th – Folia Kids
February 9th to 13th – Shows and street blocks.

11 Maceió:

Dates: January 27th and 28th, February 2nd, 3rd and 4th
Programming: January 27th (Saturday) – Carnival blocks

8am – Inclusion Center – Praça Gogó da Ema
2pm – Turma da Rolinha – Attraction: Almir Rouche
2:30 pm – King’s Block – Attraction: Tatau
3pm – Pecinha de Maceió – Attraction: Psirico
3:30 pm – Bloco Caveira – Attraction: Timbalada

January 28th (Sunday)

8am – Bloco Pererê (children’s) – section of the closed street in Ponta Verde
3pm – Levaeu Block
3:30 pm – AgarraDinho Block
4pm – Jaraguá Block

February 2nd (Friday) – Jaraguá Folia

Avenida da Paz and Jaraguá
Parade of more than 100 associations

February 3 (Saturday)

9am – Pinto da Madrugada Parade

February 4th (Sunday) – Fantasy sea bathing

10am – Frevo Block Has No Age
11am – Volcano Block
11:30 am – Turma da Esquina Block
1pm – Rock Maracatu Block
4pm – FutBarca Block

12 Red Sea:

Date: February 11th to 13th.
Programming: Carnival.

13 Maragogi:

Highlight: One of the most popular destinations during Carnival

14 Mata Grande:

Date: From Saturday, the 10th, until Tuesday, February 13th.
Programming: Four musical attractions per night for all tastes.

15 Messiah:

Date: Starts on February 10th to February 13th. Carnival hangover on 18/02.

16 Olho d’Água das Flores:

Date: 10.11.12 and 13.
Day 18 hangover

17 Olho d’Água do Casado:

Date: 17/02.
Programming: Portal dos Cânions Folia – Hangover from Carnival.

18 Paripueira:

Date: From February 10th to 13th.

19 Piaçabuçu:

To confirm.

20 Piranhas:

Date: Historic Center on the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th; Piau district on the 10th.

21 Porto Calvo:

King Momo.

22 Santana do Ipanema:

Date: February 10th to 13th.

23 Santana do Mundaú:

From 9 to 13 blocks / Day 14 (Ash Wednesday) attraction to be confirmed.

24 São José da Tapera:

Preview: February 4th.
Alinne Rosa and Chicana

25 São Luís do Quitunde:

Blocks starting on the 4th. (Preview was already on the 21st) and street shows.

26 Senator Rui Palmeira:

Preview: February 3rd.
Seeway, Julinho Porradão, Cavaleiros Elétrico and Trio da Huanna

27 Viçosa:

Date: February 9th to 13th.

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