Justice maintains arrests of suspects involved in ‘rolezinhos’ in Manaus | Amazon

Justice maintains arrests of suspects involved in ‘rolezinhos’ in Manaus | Amazon
Justice maintains arrests of suspects involved in ‘rolezinhos’ in Manaus | Amazon

1 of 1 Suspects arrested in Manaus — Photo: Disclosure
Suspects arrested in Manaus — Photo: Disclosure

According to the Civil Police (PC-AM), in total, 20 people were arrested, 41 motorcycles were removed, four of which were restricted from theft.

According to Tjam, the Duty Court considered that preventive arrests fulfill legal formalities, which is why it concluded that the prison acts were legal.

The operation was carried out with the aim of dismantling a group allegedly involved in vehicle theft, clandestine parts trading, as well as the organization of so-called “rolezinhos”.

Initially, 17 preventive arrest warrants were issued between Manaus and the city of Brusque, in Santa Catarina, six search and seizure warrants in workshops and vehicle parts stores, in addition to 38 asset seizure warrants and 40 network blockades. social.

According to the Secretary of Public Security of Amazonas, Colonel Vinicius Almeida, in the beginning the ‘rolezinhos’ were identified as a “traffic problem”, but after investigation numerous crimes were found.

“Operation Vorax” was triggered by a report produced by the State Department of Traffic (Detran-AM) and delivered to PC-AM in which, after a series of investigations, it indicated numerous social media profiles, as well as vehicle license plates and images of those allegedly involved in the “rolezinhos”.

According to investigations, it was also revealed that the suspects manage a scheme for ordering motorcycle thefts and thefts. They were then dismantled in specialized workshops and reassembled so as not to arouse suspicion at the time of sale.

The group suspected of involvement in the “rolezinhos” will be charged with criminal organization, racketeering, dangerous driving, attacking the safety of public utility services, attacking the safety of means of transport, qualified reception, tampering with a motor vehicle identification sign, condoning crime, promoting gambling and money laundering.

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