DF has 98% occupancy of public ICU beds and 71 people waiting for a place – News

DF has 98% occupancy of public ICU beds and 71 people waiting for a place – News
DF has 98% occupancy of public ICU beds and 71 people waiting for a place – News

DF has already registered more than 30 thousand cases of dengue
Tony Oliveira/Agência Brasilia

The Federal District has 98% occupancy of public ICU beds. There are 440 occupied spaces, 9 vacant and 39 blocked, among the 569 available on the network. The data comes from the InfoSaúde monitoring panel, from the DF Health Department, updated this Friday morning (2). There are 71 people waiting for a spot. In relation to infirmary beds, occupancy in the network is at 77.7%.

One of the challenges faced by Health is the high demand caused by dengue. Visiting the site where the new Air Force Field Hospital will be set up, next to the Ceilândia UPA, vice-governor Celina Leão said that the disease has “strangled public health in the DF”.

“Today we know about the overcrowding of our hospitals and our UPAs, and dengue has further strangled public health. This place here [onde será montado o Hospital de Campanha] it was strategically chosen by our Department of Health, where we have 40% of dengue cases registered in the capital”, said Celina.

The vice-governor highlighted that she needs the population’s help in combating mosquitoes and said that the government does not shirk its responsibilities. According to the Ministry of Health, 75% of mosquito outbreaks are inside homes. Therefore, the DF government expanded the visits of health agents to homes.

Governor Ibaneis Rocha intends to appoint 150 health surveillance agents. The DF has 254 soldiers involved in eliminating mosquito outbreaks, visiting homes and also driving smoke cars and ambulances provided by the Army.

In relation to the Air Force Field Hospital, the expectation is that the site will have 35 beds, divided into seven service modules and one laboratory module.

Dengue cases

The Federal District registered 30,305 probable cases of dengue in the first 27 days of the year, which represents an increase of 920.5% than in the same period in 2023, when 2,890 cases were reported. Six deaths from the disease were confirmed and another 24 remain under investigation. Another 16 serious cases of dengue were recorded during this period. Last year, it was just one (1,500% increase).

The latest epidemiological bulletin released by the Department of Health points out that Brazlândia continues to be the region with the highest incidence of the disease, with 2,588 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Ceilândia, Sol Nascente/Pôr do Sol, Estrutural and Varjão are the RAs with the most cases.

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