National Crafts Festival is now open for exhibitors; find out how to participate


2 Feb 2024

Artisans from Bahia have until February 16th to register for the Public Call Notice to participate in the National Crafts Festival in Bahia. The event will occupy spaces and squares in Pelourinho, in Historic Center of Salvadorfrom March 14th to 17th, with exhibitions, product sales and musical attractions such as Chico Cesar and Geraldo Azevedo, BaianaSystem and Vanessa da Matabetween others.

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Fenaba’s programming also includes artisanal fashion shows, gastronomic festival, cultural events, shows and children’s programming. Also planned are business rounds and qualification courses for aspiring artisans.

In all, 290 places will be available distributed among the 20 Craft Routes of Bahiarespecting the proportionality of artisans who hold the National Artisan Card in each area, and 20 vacancies for artisans from municipalities outside the Rota, making a total of 310 vacancies.

Of these, 50 places are allocated to master artisans from Bahia, who are exempt from evaluation, but must inform CFA/Setre of their interest in participating in the event. Artisans representing the original peoples of Bahia and quilombolas will have 40 vacancies, 20 for each representation. Individual artisans and representative entities can participate in the selection.

To register in the individual artisan category, the candidate must reside in Bahia, be over 18 years of age and be registered in the Brazilian Crafts Registration Information System. Representative entities must be legally constituted in the state and the legal representative must also be registered with Sicab. The final selection result will be published on February 28thin the Official Gazette and on the Setre website.

* By Luana Veiga. Photo: Reproduction.

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