Sergipe Military Police trains 56 new aspiring officers

Sergipe Military Police trains 56 new aspiring officers
Sergipe Military Police trains 56 new aspiring officers

On the night of this Thursday, 1st, the Military Police of the State of Sergipe (PMSE) held the graduation ceremony for the 56 new aspiring officers, Class 2024. The event took place at the Teaching and Instruction Center (CEI), located in the neighborhood America, in Aracaju. The training is part of the State Government’s investments in public security.

The Officer Training Course (CFO) began on November 14, 2022, and was taught at the Teaching and Instruction Center, under the supervision of the Officer Training School (Esfo), with a workload of 2,600 class hours . In total, 56 cadets, 43 men and 13 women, completed the training course, one of them being trained to work in the Military Police of Pará.

For 1st place, aspiring PM Felipe Gonçalves de Queiroz, it is an honor to be part of the Corporation’s ranks. “It is a source of great pride to become a PMSE officer. I thank God, the support of my family, my girlfriend and my friends, who helped me get here”, he emphasized.

The aspirant also reported that winning 1st place in the Officer Training Course represents recognition of all the effort, dedication and commitment. “This achievement is more than a personal achievement, it is a tribute to all those who believed in me, who supported me and who were by my side during the most challenging moments”, he reinforced.

During the ceremony, the colonel of the Remunerated Reserve, José Pereira de Andrade Filho, acting Secretary of Public Security, represented Governor Fábio Mitidieri, and congratulated the graduates. “Noble aspirants, you were forged for the most diverse situations, and you won this battle, but others will still come. You were trained by excellent instructors, and you give up several moments with family, rest and leisure to pursue your ideals. Therefore, I congratulate everyone on this noble achievement. May the Lord bless you and keep you,” he declared.

For the General Commander of PMSE, Colonel Alexsandro Ribeiro de Souza, the completion of another CFO class represents a major step forward for the Corporation. “For many years, our officers were trained in other academies, in different states of the federation. The course lasted an average of three to four years, and, depending on the schools’ guidelines, they often experienced a public safety reality different from ours. From the year 2019 onwards, public security in Sergipe is advancing, and the Military Police resumes the training of its officers who are now trained in accordance with the standards of our Institution, on our real public security perspective,” he said. .

Colonel Alexsandro Ribeiro also highlighted that, through resources made available by the State Government, the secretary of public security invests in the training and qualification of military police officers so that they can provide a quality public security service.

Finally, the Commander General congratulated the new aspirants on completing the course. “Congratulations to our graduates for this important achievement, achieved with determination and perseverance to face the challenges. Therefore, they are worthy of being declared, tonight, aspiring PM officers. I take this opportunity to wish you success on this new journey. Stay strong, noble aspirants! God bless you,” he stressed.

At the end of graduation, aspirant T. Miranda, member of the Military Police of the State of Pará, made a point of thanking him for his training at the PMSE Teaching and Instruction Center. “I am grateful for the opportunity to have been trained at an institution like the Military Police of Sergipe, which gave me a different view of policing. There was a lot of knowledge acquired that will add to my career at the Military Police of Pará, such as the implementation of the Detailed Occurrence Term. In this sense, I thank our instructors for all the teachings that were transmitted to us during the CFO”.

The class of Officer Training Course 2022.2, aspirants 2024, was named after captain Fábio Souza, who passed away in September 2023. Also at the ceremony, the captain’s family members were honored.

Source: Ascom PMSE

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