Justice tries to subpoena Michelle in action for using a photo of Leila Diniz


The protest shown in the photo took place during a strike against censorship under the dictatorship. In the photo, actresses Eva Todor, Tônia Carrero, Eva Wilva, Leila Diniz, Odete Lara and Norma Bengell participated in an artists’ march held at Aterro do Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro, in February 1968. The act became known as Passeiata of the Hundred Thousand.

Publication made on PL Mulher’s social networks features a montage of Michelle Bolsonaro with the famous photo of the actresses of the Marcha dos Cem Mil, held against the dictatorship in 1968 Image: Reproduction

Leila Diniz’s daughter rejects partisan political use of her mother’s image, who rejected “morality and good customs”, says lawsuit: “The young actress, already in the 1960s, did not submit to the standards and norms established by the conservatism imposed not only by the expectations of that historical moment, but especially by the Business-Military Dictatorship that began in the country with the coup in 1964.”

Regina Duarte was also sued by Janaína Diniz for the alleged misuse of the same photo. In December 2022, the actress published an excerpt from a speech by Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in defense of the coup. The photo illustrated a moment in which the video mentioned how “women on the streets were asking for the reestablishment of order” — in the context, they were seen as being in favor of the military regime.

Actresses Eva Todor, Tônia Carrero, Eva Wilma, Leila Diniz, Odete Lara and Norma Bengell in 1968, during the 100,000 march, in protest against the military dictatorship in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro Image: Reproduction

Former first lady is expected at the hearing, and not just her lawyers. According to lawyer João Tancredo, who represents Janaína Diniz, it is necessary for the parties to attend this hearing under the law of Special Civil Courts.

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