“An Afro-descendant likes to batuque”, says Lula in SP

“An Afro-descendant likes to batuque”, says Lula in SP
“An Afro-descendant likes to batuque”, says Lula in SP

President was referring to the young black woman who was at his side; She was participating in an event at the Volkswagen factory, in São Bernardo do Campo

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) held the hands of a young black woman this Friday (2.Feb.2024) and suggested that “an Afro-descendant like that” –referring to her– “likes a batuque, a drum”.

The PT member’s speech was at a ceremony announcing investments in the Volkswagen factory, in São Bernardo do Campo, in ABC Paulista, in São Paulo. He called the woman, who works at the car company, to praise her performance. According to Lula, she won “a prize in Germany”.

Here is what the president said in full: “This pretty girl here… I was asking: ‘What is this girl doing sitting there? What is this girl doing sitting there and I haven’t heard anyone say her name?’. I said: ‘She’s a singer. She will sing’. Then I asked: ‘No, there won’t be music. So is she going to drum something? Because an Afro-descendant likes a batuque, a drum’. It’s not either”.

And he continued: “I said: ‘Wow, so she’s someone’s girlfriend.’ It’s not either. What is this girl? This girl was awarded next year as the most important apprentice in this company and won an award in Germany”.

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The president was at the Volkswagen factory to follow the company’s announcements in Brazil.

The manufacturer announced on Thursday (Feb 1st) that it will increase its investments in the country by R$9 billion by 2028, totaling R$16 billion with the value already included in the current cycle, of R$7 billion. The company also reported that it will launch 16 vehicles in 4 years, including hybrid, 100% electric and “total flex”.

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The president has already had other statements about minorities criticized, such as when he related “screw problems” to cases of violence. Groups representing people with disabilities and mental disorders complained. And the president had to apologize.

Once again, Lula said he had “deep gratitude” for what was produced in slavery.

Remember other cases by reading the report on this link, from November 2023:

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