Wedding in the sights of the MPF: see daily price at a paradisiacal inn


Pousada Barrabella, which was targeted by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) for alleged invasion of public areas, charges R$800 per night during low season. However, reservations made for high season can cost up to R$1,000 per night.

The establishment, located on the Maraú peninsula, in the south of Bahia, was chosen by a couple from Brasilia to bring together selected guests and hold their wedding this Saturday (3/2).

The inn began expansion work along the beach, violating the constitution of the State of Bahia. By law, the population is guaranteed free access to the beaches – and, therefore, there cannot be any private construction in a strip of at least 60 meters from the sea. The establishment has already exceeded the permitted limit and left only 31 meters from the bar.

O Metropolises revealed that the inn belongs to the bride’s family and that the relatives and owners have clashed with the population of the fishing and seafood village to take part of the beach for themselves – which belongs to the population.

The MPF alert, dated Tuesday (30/1), recommends that the municipal government suspend the permit within three business days. If the work has been completed, the guidance is to close the area. The determination also recommends that the inn not use the site, even if it has already been completed. However, the report received videos from residents showing employees working on the construction site to give time to carry out the wedding ceremony.

beach wedding work3

Beach attracts the attention of tourists

beach wedding work4

Inn does not comply with the law and invades almost half of the planned area
Image provided to Metrópoles

Colorful photo of beach area in Bahia with swimming pool and landscape
bride and groom wedding bahia5

Pousada has swimming pool, gym, spa, library

Colorful beach photo
beach wedding work2

Inn invades public area

Color photo of work with wall
wedding work

Residents complain about construction on the beach

Colorful beach photo
beach wedding work

Inn accused of invading public area

Color photo of inn facade
wedding guesthouse2

The guesthouse has seven rooms and almost 5 thousand square meters

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Invasion of public area

Using Google Earth, it is possible to visualize the inn’s area growing over time. The new area corresponds to an extension of 338 square meters of the inn, which already has a plot of land measuring 4,995.15 square meters, as stated in the permit released by Maraú City Hall.

O Metropolises contacted Pousada Barra Bella questioning the construction identified as irregular by the MPF, but until the last update of this report, no response had been issued. The space remains open for possible demonstrations.


The construction outraged residents of the peninsula and the Collective for the Defense of the Environment and other rights organized protests against the work.

Coletivo Península Maraú scheduled a demonstration for this Saturday (3/2) at 4pm, the day on which the inauguration of the inn’s restaurant and the wedding of Brasilia residents are scheduled.

“Built arbitrarily over a strip of beach area, which by federal law and the Constitution of the State of Bahia is a public area for the people, for use by everyone. But the area is fenced, privatized,” the collective wrote on social media.

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