Catarinense News Network – RCN / Interview of the Week / Elson Otto defends Santa Catarina’s infrastructure and development of the entity as management priorities

Catarinense News Network – RCN / Interview of the Week / Elson Otto defends Santa Catarina’s infrastructure and development of the entity as management priorities
Catarinense News Network – RCN / Interview of the Week / Elson Otto defends Santa Catarina’s infrastructure and development of the entity as management priorities

​In a regulatory act that took place in December, the new board of directors of the Federation of Business Associations of Santa Catarina (Facisc) for the 2024-2026 term was sworn in. Among the highlights, Palmito businessman Elson Otto assumed the presidency, bringing with him a vast experience as former president of the Palmitos Business Association and 1st secretary of Facisc in the previous administration.
Graduated in Accounting, he began his professional activities in 1980 at the age of 14 in Palmitos/SC and at the age of 20 he took over the audit area of ​​branches of Casas Pernambucanas in São Paulo, where he acquired extensive experience in the area of ​​Management and Compliance, traveling throughout the country . In 1992, he returned to the Far West region of Santa Catarina, where, since then, he has been a retailer in the clothing and bed/table/bath area, being the owner of five businesses Lojas Bom Sono, Loja Paulista and Loja H-1.
At Facisc, Elson Otto went through different managements and positions, reinforcing his associative characteristic, promoting dialogue and with outstanding conciliation skills. As Far West regional vice-president, she worked on promoting and significantly expanding the number of business solutions in the entities that make up the region, reinforcing the purpose of improving the competitiveness of companies that join a business entity.
In an interview with Rede Catarinense de Notícias, Elson Otto highlighted his performance close to the reality and demands of Santa Catarina, emphasizing that his management will focus efforts on improving infrastructure, highlighting the Voz Única project.
“I’m one for dialogue, transparency and I value results. My dream is to be present in 295 municipalities, and I believe we can achieve that, because together we can grow much more”, highlights the businessman, who is already acting in the responsibilities of the presidency.
The festive inauguration ceremony is scheduled for February 29, 2024, during the FACISC Meeting, which will be held at Arena Opus, in Greater Florianópolis.
With a diverse and representative team, Facisc’s new management aims to strengthen Santa Catarina’s business base and face the challenges of the current economic scenario. The new board that assumes leadership of Facisc brings with it a significant renewal of positions. Check out the composition:
Executive Board:
President: Elson Otto – City of Palmitos
1st Vice-President: Rita Cássia Conti – City of Brusque
2nd Vice-President: César Smielevski – City of Criciúma
Head Financial Director: Magda Bez – City of Balneário Camboriú
Substitute Financial Director: José Carlos de Souza – City of Tijucas
Director Principal Secretary: Henrique Luís Basso – Cidade de Caçador
Deputy Secretary Director: Sidney Di Domênio – City of Campo Erê

Fiscal Council:
Holder: Evandro Müller de Castro – City of São Bento do Sul
Substitute: Eliete Adriane da Cruz – City of Rio Negrinho
Owner: Amarildo Niles – City of Curitibanos
Substitute: Roberto Carlos Cardoso da Silva – City of São Carlos
Owner: Ubirajara Francisco Machado Pickler – City of Orleans
Substitute: Édio Kunhasky Junior – City of Araranguá

Sector Directors:
Marketing: Estevão Bertemes Guerreiro – City of Itapema
Business Solutions: Maicon Luíz – City of Agrolândia
Single Voice: Milvo Zancanaro – City of Itá
Empreender Program: Allan Edgard Kreutz – City of Dionísio Cerqueira
Legal: Thiago Cipriani – City of Presidente Getúlio
Strategic Articulation: Marco Antonio Corsini – City of Joinville
Administrative and Projects: Valquíria Teixeira Rubbo – City of Mafra
Training: Poliana de Oliveira – City of Wonder
Sustainability: Henrique Folster Martins – City of Urubici
Sector: Gean Carlos de Bom da Silva – City of Tubarão

Regional Vice Presidents:
Greater Florianópolis: Sanderlúcio Fabiano de Mira
North Plateau: Reinaldo de Lima Junior
Serra: Antônio Floriani
Valley: Rinaldo Araújo
Alto Vale: Jean Sandro
South: Pedro Kuzniecow
Far South: Thayni Librelato
Midwest: Eliandro Pazin
West: Vilson Piccoli
Northwest: Volmir Marcos Voltolini
Far West: Vanessa Brand Back Bertol
North: Paulo Chiodini​

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