Pernambuco has 78 police stations without a chief delegate, says Adeppe: Nill Junior


Pernambuco currently has 78 Civil Police stations without any chief delegate. The information comes from the Association of Civil Police Delegates of Pernambuco (Adeppe), which spoke about the lag in staffing in the state. According to President Diogo Victor, of the 500 active delegates, around 80 can request retirement at any time, further reducing the current number of delegates.

According to the delegate, there are 200 vacancies open for the position in the state. In December last year, the government of Pernambuco opened the competition notice with 45 vacancies for delegates, a number far below what is necessary to complete the minimum staff. “The delegate competition is extremely complex, it has several phases: the objective phase, the subjective phase, the physical test, the oral test, the police academy. So, from the notice to the appointment it takes two years. If it’s bad now, imagine two years from now”, observed Diogo Victor.

Since the 24-hour warning stoppage of the Civil Police of Pernambuco (PCPE), last Wednesday (24), the situation of public security agents still does not appear to have achieved improvements, mainly in relation to dialogue with the Executive. Diogo Victor also stated that the category is seeking a conversation with governor Raquel Lyra (PSDB), who, since taking office in January 2023, has not personally received the class in her office. “We are asking for awareness and understanding from the state governor, in the sense that we are experiencing a real war against organized crime”, he commented.

Delegate overload

The deficit of delegates in the state is a concern for those who are currently active, due to the great demands of the work, especially in the interior. According to Adeppe, the voluntary shifts, which served to fill unfilled vacancies in police stations in small municipalities, were delivered, in January, by the category to the Secretariat of Social Defense (SDS), as a way of alerting the government about the situation of those who bends over backwards to get the job done. “I’ll give you an example: there’s a colleague from Palmares, he’s a delegate in Ribeirão. At night, he will do volunteer duty there in Palmares, responsible for an entire region. It’s a voluntary shift, which is poorly paid and hasn’t been readjusted for over ten years. So, we abandoned these shifts, we no longer joined this movement”, said Diogo.

“What happened is that, in order to avoid chaos in public security, some delegates were appointed to work on mandatory duty. So, he left his police station and was on mandatory duty,” he continued. The mandatory shift, according to the president of the association, consists of leaving ordinary work to hold the position in other districts in an extraordinary way, changing the role, but without a guarantee of a salary increase.

“Due to this situation, we have a colleague responsible for five police stations. In Arcoverde, the Sectional Police Station is responsible for ten police stations”, said Diogo.

The burden falls on active delegates, who feel the obligation to provide services to the population. “If we only do what is in the law, the rates will go (to absurd levels), because what really sustains is this extra gas, this deployment, the staff is overloaded”, reported a member of the Civil Police, who heads a police station in Greater Recife.

Adeppe provided a partial list of police stations that do not have active delegates, located in the “interior 1” region, which are in the following municipalities: Vivência, Lagoa de Itaenga, Lagoa do Carro, Camutanga, Glória do Goitá, Chã de Alegria, Rio Formoso , Joaquim Nabuco, Maraial, , Calçado, Lagoa do Ouro, Paranatama, Jucati, Palmeirina, Brejão and Terezinha. The complete list of police stations in the Sertão region of the state was not provided at the time of reporting.

Adeppe, together with the Civil Police Union of Pernambuco (Sinpol) and other union fronts from the corporation’s categories, will meet next Tuesday (6), in the center of Recife, to hold a march for public safety, towards the Palácio do Campo das Princesas, headquarters of the state government. Union forces do not rule out the possibility of a strike on the eve of carnival, which begins in the capital of Pernambuco on Thursday (8). The information is from Read Now.

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