Government makes proposal “far short” and environmental employees continue to mobilize


The most recent labor negotiation between federal environmental employees and the Ministry of Management (MGI), held today (1), in Brasília, ended far from reaching an agreement. In about 3 hours of meeting, the government presented its counterproposal to the civil servants’ requests, falling “far short of what was being demanded”, as summarized by Cleberson Zavaski, aka Binho, president of the National Association of Environmental Specialist Career Servers (ASCEMA National). The next meeting between the parties is scheduled for the morning of the 16th.

A ((o))echo, the leader stated that, for now, the national mobilization of civil servants continues, concentrating their activities on bureaucratic services and restricting field inspections. A change in this situation depends on the success of negotiations and discussion in civil servant assemblies in each state, “through the strike command and affiliated entities”. “At this moment, the mobilization continues in all states, with civil servants leading demonstrations, mobilizations, and activities only in offices and headquarters of the bodies”, summarized Cleberson.

Demonstration of servers in Roraima. Photo: Ascema.

With the proposal presented today by the government, there is still a long way to go before all the rough edges are ironed out. “There are a number of issues missing before there is the possibility of reaching an agreement”, highlighted the civil servants’ representative. “Among them, for example, the issue of bonuses for risky activities, which was not even touched on by the government’s proposal, and the refusal on several issues of what had already been advanced in previous negotiations”, he added. The demand for salary equality with employees of the National Water Agency (ANA), for example, was also not accepted. ASCEMA will present its response to the government’s offer at the next meeting, according to the entity’s president.

Responding to the report’s request for comment on the meeting, the Ministry of Management (full note below) mentioned the broader process of negotiations with different categories of the public service, and stated that “it has been acting within the maximum possible and budgetary limits to meet to the demands of the bodies and entities of the Federal Executive”. Regarding this case, the ministry limited itself to saying that it “remains open to dialogue with environmental officials and all other areas” [texto atualizado em 2/02, às 16h57]

Negotiations have been the subject of discussions between the Ministries of Management, responsible for budgetary adequacy of the federal public service, and the Ministry of Environment, to which the employees are affiliated. Last Thursday (25), the ministers of the two departments, Esther Dweck and Marina Silva, discussed the demands with representatives from Ibama and ICMBio. On Monday (29), Marina stated, during an event in São Paulo, that she sees the demands as “legitimate” and that Dweck has “great sensitivity” to the servers’ agenda.

Before the negotiations, environmental employees mobilized across the country, taking banners with demands to the offices of their agencies in the states and, in the case of employees stationed in the Federal District, holding an event on the Esplanada dos Ministérios. Initially, the demonstration took place in front of the Ministry of the Environment, at 2 pm, and from there it went to the Ministry of Management, at 3 pm, the start time of the meeting. From there, the servers waited until early evening for their representatives to return, but ended up without receiving the response they wanted.

Full note sent by the Ministry of Management

The Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services reinstalled, at the beginning of 2023, the Permanent Negotiation Table with public servants. The first agreement reached was the linear adjustment of 9% for all employees, including those in the environmental area, in addition to the 43.6% increase in food assistance.

In the second half of 2023, the debate on readjustment for the year 2024 began. As part of this process, 21 specific tables were opened to deal with some careers. Within the scope of specific tables alone, seven agreements for career restructuring have already been signed.

The recomposition of the workforce in the Federal Public Administration, to recover the government’s capacity to act to implement public policies, is a priority agenda of the Ministry of Management, which has been acting within the possible and budgetary limits to meet the demands of the bodies and entities of the Federal Executive.

The last meeting of the negotiating table with environmental officials took place on February 1st. The Ministry of Management remains open to dialogue with environmental officials and all other areas.

*Text updated on 2/02/24, at 4:57 pm, to include MGI’s response

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