see if you are entitled to receive R$15,000

see if you are entitled to receive R$15,000
see if you are entitled to receive R$15,000

The Instituto Sigilo, also known as the Brazilian Institute for the Defense of Personal Data Protection, announced the creation of a portal for beneficiaries of the former Auxílio Brasil program.

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The portal aims to allow beneficiaries to check the potential exposure of their personal information and eligibility for compensation.

To verify, beneficiaries must access the Institute’s portal using the link ( and select the option “Check if I am entitled”.

Verification requires information such as full name, email, CPF and telephone number, with agreement to the terms of the website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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In September, the Federal Judiciary ordered the payment of R$15,000 to each person affected by the leak of data related to the Auxílio Brasil program.

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The decision is subject to legal appeal, which means payment is not guaranteed.

Launched in 2021 during Jair Bolsonaro’s administration, the program was closed in 2023 by President Lula, who reintroduced Bolsa Família with new guidelines.

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Checking the portal tells you whether the person is listed in the compromised database and whether they are eligible to receive compensation.

It is important to note that verification does not guarantee immediate payment, as the legal process is still ongoing.

The portal aims to inform people whether they are entitled to compensation, allowing them to express interest in the process.

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To find out more information, visit UOL Economia.

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