MT Natural History Museum holds special programming for Carnival month

MT Natural History Museum holds special programming for Carnival month
MT Natural History Museum holds special programming for Carnival month
Located on the banks of the Cuiabá River, the Mato Grosso Natural History Museum announces a special program for the month of Carnival. The institution is one of the cultural facilities of the State Secretariat for Culture, Sport and Leisure (Secel-MT), managed by the Instituto Ecossistemas e População Tradicionais (Instituto Ecoss) and, with free activities for all ages, promises the community fun and culture in February.

Among the workshops offered, carnival props stand out, which will offer participants the opportunity to explore their creativity and leave with a unique and personalized piece inspired by dinosaurs. In addition, there will be programming from the Museum’s Carnival block, “Dinobloco”, with music, painting and games, especially aimed at children and their families, in a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

“Activities are a unique opportunity to explore creativity, have fun and socialize. We hope to welcome the local community and tourists passing through the city. Come, because fun and culture are guaranteed here at the Museum”, says Enir Maria Silva, coordinator of the Museum and president of the Ecoss Institute.

To participate in the activities, interested parties must register via the link. It is worth noting that places are limited, and registrations open from 5pm on the Wednesdays before the activities. For more information, interested parties can contact us by phone (65) 99686-7701 or send a message on the Museum’s Instagram: @museuhistorianaturalmt.

The Natural History Museum has an extensive green area and two life-size dinosaur replicas. In addition to free workshops and activities, the cultural space has a permanent archeology and paleontology exhibition.

Check out the full schedule

Oficina Livrinho de artist, with Catarina Laz

This workshop will explore the creation of artist’s books, which differ from ordinary books because they are unique and considered objects of art. During the workshop, children will have the opportunity to author their own books, using techniques such as collage, folding, drawing and writing.
Date and time: February 3rd (Saturday), from 9am to 11am

Carnival props workshop, with Tamires Souza
The workshop aims to offer children an educational and playful experience by creating carnival props inspired by dinosaurs. The main objective is to stimulate creativity, promote teamwork and provide learning about these prehistoric beings, all in a fun and carnival-like environment.
Date and time February 10th (Saturday), from 9am to 11am

Dinobloco – Carnival at the Museum, with staff
On this day, the costume ball, a traditional carnival party, also invades the Mato Grosso Natural History Museum. The program will include activities full of music, painting and games. During this moment, responses are not predetermined, encouraging imagination through recreation and interaction with the space and other children. Put on your costume and come to Dinobloco!
Date and time: February 11th (Sunday), from 9am to 11am

p officedecorative macramé ring, with Jéssika Pinto
In this craft workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of Macramé, in order to make a beautiful decorative panel using #24 string and tree branches. Macramé, characterized by the art of tying knots and intertwining threads, allows the creation of unique pieces.
Indicative rating: over 12 years of age.
Date and time: February 17th (Saturday), from 9am to 11am

Mato Grosso Natural History Museum
Address: Avenida Manoel José de Arruda (Beira Rio), nº 2000, Jardim Europa neighborhood, Cuiabá-MT.
Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday, from 8am to 6pm.
Entry: R$ 12.00 (full) and R$ 6.00 (half). On Sundays, free entry.

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