The Gazette | ‘I watched to see if my husband was breathing’, says resident of ES who was left without electricity for hours


Raul Louzada Ribeiro, 42 years old, uses a device for sleep apnea, which could not be used due to a lack of power; EDP ​​guarantees that services will be normalized

Published on February 2, 2024 at 7:27 pm

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Polyana Magnago, resident of Cachoeiro who was without electricity for 19 hours. (Carlos Barros)
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It was horrible. I had to keep watch, because he fell asleep and lost his breath. Without the device it is a danger

Polyana Magnago


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The couple lives in the Campo Leopoldina neighborhood, one of the places that lost electricity after the heavy rains. In an interview with reporter Bruna Hemerly, from TV Gazeta Sul, Polyana reported that the power went out at 6pm, and only came back on this Friday (2), around 1:40pm. “It’s a lack of respect. We pay the bill on time and we need to go through this,” he pointed out.


Asked about the power outage problems in the municipality, EDP informed that teams remain mobilized to respond to incidents, in order to restore supply as soon as possible.

“The concessionaire clarifies that rain accompanied by strong winds and intense atmospheric discharges increases the volume of calls. Among the occurrences are, mainly, falling branches, trees, and throwing objects onto the electrical networks, which require longer repair times due to their complexity and significantly increase the level of criticality of the operation of the electrical system”, he pointed out, in note.

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