learn about the program that seeks to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem in RS


Carlos Cyrne and Daniel Tonon on the Redação no Ar program this Friday (2)

The Startup Lab project, which aims to boost innovation and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Rio Grande do Sul, was the subject of this Friday’s Redação no Ar program (2).

The program, led by the Pro-Rector of Research and Postgraduate Research and Professor of the Environmental Systems Program at Univates, Carlos Cyrne, and by the Technological Innovation Manager, Daniel Tonon, seeks to place innovation at the center of the local development strategy .

The Startup Lab focuses on promoting open, knowledge-intensive innovation. The main objective is to create a bridge between large, established companies and startups in the state, encouraging the creation of new businesses and boosting economic growth, in addition to generating jobs and income.

Carlos Cyrne highlights that the role of the project is to bring companies and startups together, allowing them to identify business pain points and develop innovative solutions. “The main role is to identify possible needs and bring companies and startups together”, comments Cyrne.

Daniel Tonon highlights that the project offers a platform for companies interested in innovation to get involved and contribute to the development of local, regional and state GDP.

The project’s financing, in the amount of R$1 million, is made possible by the State Government, demonstrating its commitment to promoting innovation and economic development. The methodology applied in Vales comes from Instituto Hélice, located in Caxias do Sul and the region.

Tonon highlights that the project is open to companies not only from Vale do Taquari, but also from other regions of the state, and can be regional, state or national in scope. Interested companies will be able to join the project through a notice, offering a broad and inclusive opportunity for different organizations to participate.


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