UFRJ alleges ‘technical issues’ and cancels list of approved candidates; understand

UFRJ alleges ‘technical issues’ and cancels list of approved candidates; understand
UFRJ alleges ‘technical issues’ and cancels list of approved candidates; understand

A Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) canceled this Friday, 2nd, the list of candidates approved in the Sisu (Unified Selection System) 2024 and who were invited to pre-enroll at the institution. Sisu is the platform of the Ministry of Education (MEC) that allows students to enter higher education through the grades obtained in the National High School Examination (And either).

In a note, UFRJ mentions that the cancellation of the lists was made due to “technical issues”, without giving further details. In the same statement, the university states that a new list of names should be released by Monday, the 5th.

Campus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in the Urca neighborhood in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

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“The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), through the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the General Superintendence of Affirmative Actions, Diversity and Accessibility, informs that, for technical reasons, the list of candidates is cancelled(the ) for pre-registration for the regular call?, said UFRJ.

This Friday morning, the university’s Central Student Directory (DCE) Mario Prata, claimed that UFRJ left students with broad competition in the first semester and quota students in the second.

An update to the Quota Law changed the way Sisu is classified and began to determine that quota candidates in Federal Higher Education Institutions (Ifes) compete, firstly, on the list contested by everyone, the so-called broad competition.

If this candidate has a cut-off score higher than the required one, he or she is approved by this broad competition list. Otherwise, the candidate will then compete for the vacancies reserved by the Quota Law (students graduating from public schools; black, mixed race, indigenous, from families with income, students with disabilities and quilombolas).

The DCE claims, however, that quota candidates who did not reach the cut-off score to be approved by the broad competition were not included on the list of quota holders to enter UFRJ in this first semester, and only ended up on the list for the second semester.

UFRJ did not explain the reasons for canceling the list of those approved in pre-registration. But, in another statement sent to reporters early this Friday evening, the institution highlights that “the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro assures society as a whole that no group will be harmed in its access to and permanence in this institution”, and reinforced that “Sisu’s new listing will be published by Monday (5/2)”.

On Friday night, the DCE stated that the university informed the group that the “listings that are being reanalyzed will be divided to ensure that both quota holders and broad competition are divided by 50% each per period.”

UFRJ was contacted for the report, but said it had no information about the reevaluation of the lists.

MEC investigates irregular disclosure of results

The Ministry of Education (MEC) reported this Friday, 2nd, that provisional results from the Unified Selection System (Sisu), the main gateway to Brazilian public higher education, were improperly disclosed for 25 minutes, before final analysis of the folder. In a statement, the agency also stated that the case, which occurred this Tuesday, 30th, is being “rigorously investigated”.

According to the MEC, the failure occurred on the morning of the 30th, when the data that had not yet been approved became public. Instability in the system led the ministry to postpone the official release of the results by one day, which were published on Wednesday, 31st. Successful students will have until February 7th to register.

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