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February 2, 2024 – 16:20
ESP /CE event Incore innovation

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Text: Daniel Araújo
Photos: Deborah Muniz and Raiane Ferreira
Video: Raiane Ferreira

The activities took place from January 31st until this Friday (2nd), at the headquarters of the School of Public Health of Ceará (ESP/CE)

You dialogues and exchanges of experiences aimed at innovation, research and cooperation shaped the three days of State Health Innovation Meeting (Incore). Carried out by School of Public Health of Ceará (ESP/CE), the event offered a diverse and free program, with lectures, round tables and showcases of healthcare startups.

The activities took place from January 31st until this Friday (2nd), at the headquarters of the authority linked to the State Health Secretariat (Sesa)in Fortaleza.

Superintendent of ESP/CE, Luciano Pamplona, ​​highlighted the execution of the initiative

During the opening ceremony, the superintendent of ESP/CE, Luciano Pamplonahighlighted the execution of the initiative and the leading role that the educational institution assumes in innovation ecosystem. “For us, this is a huge challenge, because we are still very young when dealing with healthcare innovationbut also, being here is an affirmation of our role in inducing training, qualification and updating of professionals in this same context”, he highlighted.

One of these workers who is included in the manager’s speech is Wilkerlano Sombra (photo). The systems analyst works in a Emergency Care Unit (UPA) from Russas (CE) and came to see the discussions in the area in person, encouraged by the possibilities of sharing learning. “Before we think about the use of artificial intelligence and how to integrate them in a functional way into our work dynamics, we must first structure the foundations of the health system and then apply this computerization to services”, he reflected.

In the field of practice applied to management,Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of Ceará, Sandra Monteiro, drew attention to the coordinated operations between the institutions and bodies of Health in Ceará. “We have a network that can be a recipient not just of internships, but of processes, because innovation doesn’t just happen with prototyping and we have that difference.”

Still according to Monteiro, it is in contact with system users that practices undergo real transformations. “It is in this dynamic where we can do more for others and with others, at the same time that we also learn from these people. And I hope that, on these days, these lessons will be shared”, said the manager.

The perspectives generated by science, health and work-related technologies were also motivation for medical student Thaís Dantas to participate in Incore. “What I’m looking for here is the networking and establishing contacts with professionals in these areas. In addition to including me more firmly in the fields of research linked to medical sciences”, he reported. A follower of the official ESP/CE profile on Instagram, the student found out about the event on the municipality’s social network.

Marker axes

The program for this first edition of the event was divided into three axes: innovative technologies for transforming the Brazilian health system; research and innovation applied to the sector; and innovative health products. It was composed of lectures, exhibition panels, round tables and startup showcases.

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“This entire agenda was designed to provide participants with a journey of innovation, which, each day, we advance to a new stage on this path. And the great lever of everything we have done so far in terms of innovation has been this link and this collaboration with other institutions”, stated Sales Ávila, director of Innovation, Science and Technology in Health at ESP/CE.

More multimedia

The executive secretary for Health Care and Regional Development at Sesa, Lauro Perdigão, represented the portfolio holder Tânia Mara Coelho at the event and spoke about the commitment that Ceará Health has made in relation to innovation initiatives in the State. Listen:

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Intensive care nurse Eveline Lima talks about how the experience at the event can have an impact on the practices of healthcare professionals in Ceará. Listen:

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Creative gift economy

During the three days of activities, Incore also opened space for the dissemination of the creative economy. Feira do Sol was present at the meeting, bringing together different product exhibitors and local brands from the capital of Ceará.

“For us, it is very important to share the event space in offering our services, interacting with participants and valuing our entrepreneurs. If all institutions had the perception that ESP/CE has of this movement, our alliances would invariably be of maximum benefit”, concluded Márcia Monteiro, one of the organizers of the fair.


The following supported the State Meeting on Innovation in Health (Incore): Fundação Cearense to Support Scientific and Technological Development (Funcap); Secretariat of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Ceará (Secitece), through CrieCE; Ceará Cities Secretariat (SCidades), through the Water and Sewage Company (Cagece); and Regional Physical Education Council of the 5th Region (CREF5/CE).

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