With support from the State, families from the North and North Pioneiro achieve their own home

With support from the State, families from the North and North Pioneiro achieve their own home
With support from the State, families from the North and North Pioneiro achieve their own home

Families from the municipalities of Primeiro de Maio and Santo Antônio da Platina received the keys to their own home this Friday (2), benefiting from a State subsidy of R$15,000 for the down payment, through the Casa Fácil Paraná program. In total, 40 homes were delivered in the two cities, 34 of which were acquired with State support.

On Primeiro de Maio, the houses are at Residencial Ametista II. The work is the result of a partnership between the Government of Paraná, through Cohapar, Caixa Econômica Federal and ROS Construtora e Incorporadora Ltda.

To make the project viable, the investment exceeded R$3 million, with R$255 thousand in resources coming from Casa Fácil Paraná, which helps families with an income of up to three minimum wages. Beneficiaries were also able to benefit from variable subsidies from the federal Minha Casa, Minha Vida program, in addition to the possibility of using the FGTS to reduce the outstanding balance.

The houses have two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen and laundry area, with a standard size of 46.51 square meters, built on land that allows for extensions. Sold from R$140,000, the properties could be financed for a period of up to 360 months and installments range from R$363 to R$1,032.00, values ​​that are more affordable than the average rental cost in the city.

For municipal public servant, Ana Paula Araújo, 39 years old, receiving the keys to her own house is indescribable. “I have no words to express my joy, it’s a dream. The amount we received as a subsidy was very important, because it was an amount we didn’t have, it was really a lifeline”, she highlighted. The new borrower intends to take her parents to live with her, as they do not have their own property and, in this way, she will help them too.

Seller Jackeline Angélica Bertoco and her family said goodbye to the house provided by third parties. “It is an emotion that cannot be explained, it was a process that was very worthwhile. We are very happy, we can’t wait to move here and start making improvements”, she celebrated.

SANTO ANTÔNIO DA PLATINA – Among the 20 new owners of the houses at Residencial La Belle, delivered this morning in the city, 17 were awarded subsidies to cover the entry fee. The work, costing almost R$2.5 million, is the result of the union of the State Government, Caixa Econômica Federal and Crzenge Incorporadora. The State granted R$270,000 for the entry fee.

“This dream that comes true today brings me more dignity, now I have my own house and I’m going to get out of rent”, said domestic worker Eliane Cristina César, 45 years old.

The project involved technical assistance from Cohapar, responsible for registration, guidance and release of resources to interested parties, after approval of the credit with the financial agent. Buyers were also able to count on variable discounts from the federal Minha Casa Minha Vida program, and even use the FGTS balance to deduct the amount to be financed.

Residencial La Belle has three property standards, with sizes of 44.84 m², 45.41 m² and 45.52 m², built on lots that allow for expansion. The houses were delivered with flooring throughout and are divided into two bedrooms, a guest bathroom, a combined living room and kitchen, a laundry area and internal and external gardens.

The housing units were sold for R$154 thousand and the minimum income required for this project was R$1,320,00. Installments start at R$396.00 and the outstanding balance can be paid in up to 360 months.

For bank employee João Elias Fernandes de Araújo, 24 years old, acquiring his first property with government assistance marks new possibilities for his life. “Having a home is a very old dream and, from now on, I can open other doors, build a family. It’s a great accomplishment,” he emphasized.

ENTRY VALUE – In its first stage, Casa Fácil Paraná facilitated access to owning a home for 32 thousand families in Paraná, with investments totaling R$480 million in subsidies, between 2021 and 2023. The new phase of the program provides for an additional contribution of R$800 million to serve over 40 thousand families. Interested parties can consult the list of projects available in each municipality and begin the process to receive the benefit on the Cohapar website.

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