Secret: MG will be the next Chinese company in Brazil, with the right to a factory

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Originally British, but nowadays completely Chinese, MG will be the next Asian manufacturer to arrive in Brazil. After a disastrous passage in our country between 2010 and 2013, which almost no one remembers, the automaker controlled by SAIC will return, but now with a factory.

Unlike before, when MG arrived with a timid and small operation in Brazil, the new phase of the brand will be carried out with the same weight as BYD and GWM. The two Chinese women became a reference for others present in the country to the point that their strategies were practically copied.

MG is currently recruiting a robust team of executives, including former Mercedes-Benz employees working on the implementation of the brand’s dealerships. It is worth remembering that the brand has been operating successfully in Latin America for some time, especially in Chile.

MG ZS [divulgação]

SUVs, sedan, a hatch and a convertible

Today the MG line only consists of four types of models, but in total there are seven different models. The sedan line consists of the MG5, MG6 and MG7 models. The MG6, it is worth remembering, was already sold in Brazil, but in its previous generation. In China, it has Pro, XLine versions and the XPower and PHEV hybrids.

The line of SUVs, which is the most popular in countries neighboring ours, is made up of the HS, ZS and One models. Remembering that the HS is intermediate in size between the Jeep Compass and BYD Song Plus, in addition to having a plug hybrid version -in. Among the electric vehicles we have the Cyberster convertible and the MG4 hatch (MG’s Dolphin, which has been successful in Europe).

MG Cyberster [divulgação]

There is still no confirmation of which models will be sold in Brazil. However, MG should follow the strategy of rivals BYD and GWM and invest in electrification. The MG4, which is a direct rival to the BYD Dolphin and GWM Ora 03, should be the star of the range alongside the hybrid HS. Purely combustion models can also come, but are less popular.

The brand should also bring the hybrid MG6, as BYD and GWM are not yet investing in the sedan category. With this, the half-British, half-Chinese manufacturer will be able to have an important market differentiator and compete directly with the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, currently the only true hybrid in the segment.

MG HS [divulgação]
MG HS [divulgação]

Factory in Brazil

Announced in November 2023, the MG factory will be installed in Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais. The investment of R$270 million will generate 465 direct jobs and a good number of indirect jobs. However, this factory may or may not be directly related to MG cars.

This is because the manufacturer will build the factory to supply engines to XCMG. The company has been operating in Brazil for a long time and is a manufacturer of heavy vehicles such as giant trucks, backhoe loaders, cranes, among others. There are even electrical products. In other words, the factory can only make engines for trucks, but also for cars.

MG MG6 X-Power [divulgação]

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